Paris Jackson Dumps Michael Snoddy For Another Man!

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Though just 18 years old, Paris Jackson has endured her share of ups and downs.

Paris has spent her entire life in the spotlight, and the world looked on as she mourned her father, struggled with substance abuse, and even attempted suicide.

Unfortunately, it seems that Paris' love life hasn't provided much in the way of solace or stability.

Paris Jackson in a Car

Until recently, Paris was dating Michael Snoddy, a 27-year-old drummer who had her family worried for a number of reasons.

In addition to the age difference, there was reason to believe that Snoddy was using Paris for her wealth and music industry connections.

On top of all that, Snoddy had been accused on more than one occasion of using racial slurs and expressing white supremacist views.

So yeah, Paris may have dodged a bullet when she ended that relationship.

Unfortunately, now fans are concerned by the speed with which she seems to have moved on to a new relationship.

Paris Jackson Michael Snoddy Photoshoot Pic

Yes, it appears that Paris has moved on with a new man already.

It's more than a little surprising, considering rumors that Paris and Snoddy were engaged were circulating around social media just a few months ago.

Neither party took any steps to deny the reports, either.

But Paris is well and truly over that relationship these days, and she wants the world to know she's had zero trouble moving on.

Paris posted the below pic on social media last night, and as you may have guessed, the guy in the photo is not the unfortunately-named Mr. Snoddy:

Paris Jackson and Tony Oller

The Guy With the Similar Neck Tattoo is named Tony Oller, and his Instagram reveals nothing about him other than the fact that he's 25 years old.

So hey, at least Paris is moving slightly closer to her own age, right?

Anyway, fans immediately started speculating that Paris and Tony are dating, and once again, her silence is speaking volumes.

Yet again, Paris is doing nothing to dispute the rumor, which is being widely viewed as her way of confirming it.

Paris Jackson With Michael Snoddy

So it's yet another twist in a life that seems to be endlessly full of drama.

But hey, Paris seems happy, and with all she's been through, that should be enough for her fans.

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