How to Get Away with Murder Finale Recap: Who Killed Wes?!?

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Who Killed Wes?

That was finally revealed on How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 14 and How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 15

Ever since that dreaded house fire back in November, we've been eagerly anticipating the murderous reveal, and it delivered. 

When the finale got underway, Connor was prepared to end it all. In a terribly edited scene, he got ready to jump in front of a bus. 

All of this was down to the fact that he never actually managed to save Wes the night of the fire. If you watch How to Get Away with Murder online, you will already know that he has been sketchy the last few weeks. 

After cheating on Oliver with Thomas the night of the fire, he did get the voicemail from Annalise and showed up at the house.

He made his way to the basement when he noticed the door was open and a strong smell of fire. That's where he laid eyes on his fallen friend for the last time. 

While trying to resuscitate him, he accidentally cracked a rib. He then made off when he heard Laurel showing up. Unfortunately, it was Laurel shutting the door that paved the way for the big explosion. 

Laurel reacted to this in anger and opted to turn against Connor. She said some hurtful things as she continued to struggle to cope with the aftermath. 

Ultimately, she decided that she would use Connor's story as her own in the courtroom. However, Denver was quick to hand over an affidavit that proved Laurel was a liar. 

How so?

She apparently lied about being kidnapped several years before the action. This twist made her friends question everything they thought they knew about her. 

Laurel was quick to point out that her father is not the man they think he is and that he forced her to make up the lie. 

The group was rocked by the revelation that Charles Mahoney was out of jail. This further fueled their plan to take Denver and Atwood down. 

Nate hacked the GPS in Rene's car and found out she was in New York the night Wes died. She provided Conor with her Wi-Fi password, and he hacked her computer. 

He found a number she had been calling sporadically over the last few weeks, but Annalise knew there was no way they could call it without proving they were hacking the computer. 

Connor decided to take matters into his own hands and tell the truth about that night. Denver opted to offer him a deal to turn on Annalise, and he was prepared to take it. 

However, Asher tried to call the burner phone, and we found out it was Denver's. 

Some time later, the group searched for Connor when he went missing. Denver had him locked up trying to force a confession out of him. 

It was horrible. Oliver and Michaela filed a missing person's report, but the woman did not take it seriously because of how long it had been. 

Annalise visited Sylvia Mahoney and told her it was time to move on and stop all of the sick games. Sylvia pointed out that she already knew about Wes, but he was the son of Charles. 

The two ladies bickered before Sylvia got up and left when Annalise blamed her for murdering her son. It was heartbreaking, but did Annalise make a mistake?

Connor came clean about Oliver's copy of the phone, and a warrant was issued to search his apartment. In the end, Annalise went to visit Denver and threw several threats at him. 

She managed to pin the blame on Wes due to a voicemail he left while in her home. Denver reluctantly took the deal because Annalise said she was about to go nuclear on his office. 

Connor and Frank were released, but there was still some more drama. 

Asher, Michaela, and Laurel attempted to trick the truth out of Charles, but Laurel decided to take matters into her own hands again and tried to shoot him. 

She was interrupted by Dominic who she introduced as a family friend. This was the man from the flashbacks who murdered Wes. He was working for her father!

We closed off the season with a lot to think about, but where can the show go from here? It sure seems like the storylines are closing up. 

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