18 SHOCKING Shondaland Moments

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Shonda Rhimes knows how to make compelling television. We've compiled some truly shocking moments from recent episodes of her programs.

1. Wigged Out

Wigged Out
It was the moment that took How to Get Away with Murder from good to holy-cow-I-can't-believe-the-show-went-there GREAT. Who knew Annalise Keating was wearing a wig this whole time?

2. Who Killed Sam?

Who Killed Sam?
The main How to Get Away with Murder mystery from the first part of Season 1 was answered via flashback: It was Wes! With the trophy! In order to save Rebecca's life!

3. Speaking of Rebecca...

Speaking of Rebecca...
... she's also dead, killed off on the How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 finale. By whom? Let the speculation begin!

4. Who Killed Lila?

Who Killed Lila?
As for the mystery of who actually killed Lila Stangard, as it turns out, it wasn't Sam after all. Well, not exactly. Sam just had Frank do it for him. Frank "owed him one."

5. Let's Talk About Sex

Let's Talk About Sex
Heck, forget just talking about it. The same-sex scenes between Connor and Oliver caused a mini uproar online, but were defended valiantly by Shonda Rhimes.

6. Sister Acts

Sister Acts
The viewers already knew, but Meredith was stunned to learn that Maggie is her half-sister on Grey's Anatomy.


A combination that not many would have expected once Amelia joined the cast full time, Owen and Amelia look like they might make a pretty fantastic couple.

8. CalZona Split Up

They've had their struggles and they've tried to overcome them, but in the end, they decided it was time to take a break. Whether or not that break will last remains to be seen.

9. Japril Lose Their Baby

In one of the most heartbreaking episodes of Grey's that we've ever seen, April and Jackson held their baby for just a few moments before he died. Talk about ugly crying!

10. Derek Does D.C.

In all honestly, Derek leaving has done some great things from Grey's Anatomy -- as long as he comes back soon! For now, he's in D.C. while Meredith is being a rock star. (UPDATE: Well... Shonda went ahead and killed off Derek.)

11. Is Derek Cheating?

So, Meredith and Derek are trying to make this long distance thing work, but when Meredith called Derek to tell him about her latest successes, another woman answered the phone. Then that woman hangs up. Darn you for this tease, Shonda!

12. Olitz!

Let's not even pretend like learning that Olivia Pope was the mistress of the President of the United States of America wasn't a big deal.

13. Dad?

It was THE BEST SEASON FINALE EVER when Olivia Pope got into a limo shortly after having been outed as the President's sidepiece, looked at Rowan Pope, and uttered one word: Dad? Shocked doesn't begin to cover it.

14. What The Huck?

What The Huck?
Pretty much everything about Huck is a shocker, including how he continues to break fans' hearts week after week by being the most damaged character in the history of television. Remember when he went to AA meetings for his "whiskey" problem? Or that time he pulled Quinn's teeth and enjoyed it? Don't cross Huck in a dark alley.

15. Jerry's Death

Jerry's Death
Sure, we'd only met Jerry, Fitz and Mellie's oldest child, like, twice before he died, but that didn't make his death or the reveal that Rowan killed the kid a) to get back at Fitz for taking his daughter away and b) to ensure Fitz got re-elected because it's what Olivia wanted any less shocking.


It was driving cliffhanger that had all Scandal fans talking during a lengthy winter hiatus: Who took Olivia Pope? And where was she taken?

17. SAVED!

It took a Gladiator from Scandal Season 1 to stun both fans and Olivia by swooping in to come to her rescue. We missed you, Finch!

18. The Death of Derek

The Death of Derek
WTH, Shonda?!?! You actually had Derek meet his maker via 18-wheeler? We'll never forgive you for this!

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