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At this stage in the game, no one thinks of Farrah Abraham as a good mother, right?

We’d even go as far as to say that no one thinks of Farrah Abraham as a good person.

Farrah Abraham Blonde Selfie
Photo via Instagram

She’s just unnecessarily rude and mean and hateful and ignorant — all bad things, really.

She’s been accused of being racist, of being homophobic, of lying about rape. She’s also a Trump supporter, which says a lot of things about a person, none of them good.

But the worst thing about Farrah is her apparent lack of any and all parenting skills.

Her daugher, Sophia, is seven years old now, and in all that time, has Farrah made one solid choice in mothering her? Even just one tiny little thing?

Farrah Abraham, Sophia Abraham
Photo via Instagram

We sure can’t think of any.

But now, Farrah’s reached what looks to be a whole new level of terribleness.

She’s letting Sophia abuse animals.

Or at least, that’s what many people think of her latest social media posts. Last night, this photo was shared on Sophia’s Instagram account:

Farrah Abraham Animal Abuse?
Photo via Instagram

That’s the miniature horse Farrah gave Sophia for Christmas. The horse’s name is Starburst, and Farrah allowed Sophia and several of her friends to do this to the poor thing at a slumber party.

As you can see, Starburst was less of a horse and more of an art project. And that’s not cool.

"That poor pony should be classed as animal abuse," one outraged person wrote in the comments on this photo.

"You don’t treat animals like that … someone save the poor unhappy little thing … Farrah you’re an idiot!" another said.

"This makes me want to cry!! Wtf is wrong with you?!!" one person commented, and another said that "This is the saddest looking pony I’ve ever seen."

Farrah Abraham with Starburst
Photo via Instagram

Some Farrah supporters — yes, some people actually find it within themselves to defend Farrah over nonsense like this — tried to argue that this is fine, that the paint was "probably" non-toxic.

And hey, Sophia is just a kid, you know? This is no different than dyeing your own hair, or putting a dog in a sweater

Except the horse really does look miserable, and it can’t have been comfortable with a gaggle of little girls surrounding it, using it as a coloring book.

Even if the paint was safe for animals, the horse doesn’t exist for kids to paint little hearts on it. It really is sad.

Poor, poor Starburst.