24 Heartbreaking Shondaland Deaths... Ranked!

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Oh, Shonda Rhimes. No one knows quite how to break our hearts like she does.

From plane crashes and mass shootings to the occasional illness, characters no character from Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, or How to Get Away With Murder is safe.

Here are the 24 most shocking deaths from Shondaland, ranked by the level of shock and heartbreak.

24. Reed Adamson, Grey's Anatomy

Reed Adamson, Grey's Anatomy
One of the most difficult episodes of Grey's Anatomy to watch included a mass shooting at the hospital. Among the victims was one of the new residents who came from the merger with Mercy West, Reed Adamson, who was shot squarely in the forehead.

23. Charles Percy, Grey's Anatomy

Charles Percy, Grey's Anatomy
Rarely does a new intern or resident stay around for very long on Grey's Anatomy, but Charles Percy died a horrible death as another victim of the hospital shooting. Bailey tried to save him, but it couldn't be done.

22. Craig Thomas, Grey's Anatomy

Craig Thomas, Grey's Anatomy
Cristina's mentor in Grey's Anatomy Season 9 was the best friend she had at her new job. He also taught her a lot of important lessons before he suddenly dropped dead during surgery, leaving her to finish the procedure. It was just so incredibly sad.

21. Heather Brooks, Grey's Anatomy

Heather Brooks, Grey's Anatomy
Seattle Grace Mercy Death, as Cristina Yang once called it, claimed another victim when Heather Brooks was electrocuted in a freak accident at the hospital.

20. Verna Thornton, Scandal

Verna Thornton, Scandal
Scandal's Verna Thornton was already sick and dying, but the surprise of her death came from how it actually happened. Verna didn't die of natural causes. She was murdered by Fitz in her hospital bed.

19. Emily Sinclair, How to Get Away With Murder

Emily Sinclair, How to Get Away With Murder
Emily Sinclair got involved in the wrong case on How to Get Away With Murder, and wound up dead when Asher ran over her with his car. It wasn't pretty. At all.

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