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Are MTV’s most controversial couple, Amber Portwood and Matt Baier, about to make their years-long romance official by tying the knot?

This weekend?!

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier selfie

If so, it would be their most shocking stunt yet – and that’s saying something for Amber, 25, and Matt, 45, who are always under scrutiny.

Rumors of Portwood and Baier getting married spread like wildfire last night, and it’s not hard to see why, given Matt’s Instagram phost.

He dropped what appeared to be a major bombshell on the social network, announcing that they were jetting off for a Las Vegas wedding!

Yes, that could just mean going to a wedding.

It may well be someone else’s nuptials. We realize this. But Baier didn’t merely write that "we’re off to a wedding in Vegas this weekend."

He posted this photo along with it:

Matt Baier Wedding Teaser

Could tomorrow really be the day? 

Baier was asked by OK! magazine and said this: “I’m getting married tomorrow? All we said was we were going to Vegas for a wedding…” 

Again, a nice cryptic non-denial.

Wedding news would be a long time coming for the troubled twosome, who got engaged in November 2014, then canceled it last August.

The fact that Baier has between seven and nine children from previous relationships (depending on who you ask) did not go over well.

Matt has been up front about his status as a former addict who made a lot of bad decisions, which may have been his saving grace.

While Amber Portwood and Matt Baier called off their wedding amid these explosive revelations about Baier’s past, they did not split.

Amber and Matt

“Honestly, it was a really hard time in our relationship and cause I didn’t approve of anything that he did in his past," she said at the time.

"But then again I didn’t want to base my decision, you know, him 5 to 10 years ago, so we went through a rough patch,” Amber added.

“We kind of been working through it and we are doing a lot better. I think our trust is starting to build again and you know it was really hard.”

Amber even went out of her way to add that calling off the wedding wasn’t as much for good as it was pumping the brakes temporarily.

“I do want to get married within the next year,” she said.

Even if this isn’t the weekend in which they’re tying the not, things have improved between them to the point where it may not be far off.

Amber and Matt on Instagram

Matt’s image, while it’s never going to be "good" in the way that Cole DeBoer’s is, has improved slightly in the eyes of Amber’s followers.

If you watch Teen Mom OG online, you’ve seen this.

Admitting his past mistakes on camera and an appearance last season by Matt’s son Chris Baier helped him seem a lot less shady.

Even Amber’s reunion fight with Farrah Abraham was sparked by Farrah and Simon Saran calling Matt a pedophile, and Amber flipping out.

Odd as it is to be called a pedophile and end up looking good, Matt was defended so vigorously by Amber that fans were in their corner.

The couple, who were recently served with an eviction summons on February, will not be getting thrown out of their home after settling that.

They may even return to it married this weekend.