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It’s only been three months since we first learned that Joy-Anna Duggar is courting Austin Forsyth, but things in Tontitown, they move quickly.

So when we say it seems they may have already taken the next step in their relationship, it’s surprising only compared to her siblings’ courtships.

Joy-Anna Duggar, Austin Forsyth

On Tuesday, the Duggars celebrated Valentine’s Day, in what we imagine is a somewhat awkward experience for non-married family members.

To pay tribute to romantic love in a household that prohibits premarital physical contact, well, that has to pose a unique set of challenges.

Sometimes, you just wanna full-frontal hug so hard.

All kidding aside, the Duggar kids seemed to have fun arranging flowers, baking cookies, and desperately suppressing inate biological urges.

As with every time the Duggars post new pics, fans scrutinized the images in search for clues as to what secrets the family is hiding now.

And man alive did they seize on this offering …

Joy-Anna Duggar: Engagement Ring Photo?

Are you not seeing why this is a thing? We don’t blame you. At first glance, the picture of Joy-Anna looks unremarkable, and … well, it is.

But some fans say the way Joy-Anna is holding that bag of baking soda speaks volumes about the state of her romance with Forsyth.

Some say she’s concealing a ring.

Others claim she’s trying to conceal it, but not doing a very good job, as you can maybe see a glint of gold on her commitment finger.

Given the fact that Joy-Anna and Austin knew each other for several years prior to the start of their courtship, we suppose it’s possible.

Did they speed right past all of the usual relationship milestones and fast-track their relationship with a secret engagement or wedding?

Joy-Anna Duggar Eye Roll

She does seem to be holding that bag in rather awkward fashion, but even so, this looks kike another case of fans jumping to conclusions.

The photo offers no real evidence that Joy-Anna is engaged.

Let’s be honest here. The alleged proof is weak or MIA.

On the flip side, it has sparked some interesting theories as to why her conservative family might be okay with an expedited path to the altar.

From the time they first went public with their love, we’ve been hearing rumors that Joy-Anna and Austin are breaking the rules of courtship.

Usually that means they were busted holding hands or gazing lustily into each other’s eyes for longer than the permitted eight seconds.

In her case, though? 

Joy-Anna and Austin

There’s been talk of Joy-Anna taking things further than any of her repressed older siblings to date – even more than rule-breaking Jinger.

Remember the Joy-Anna and Austin having premarital sex rumor?

We obviously have no way of confirming that, but if it were true?

It would certainly lead Jim Bob and Michelle to give their daughter a firm shove down the aisle in order to dodge any proverbial PR bullets.

This is a family that can’t afford another sex-related controversy.

Hard as it is to fathom that Joy-Anna gettin’ it on before saying "I do" would qualify as a full-blown scandal, this is Duggar Nation remember.

The courtship game may be evolving, but change is glacial.