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Well, it finally went down last night.

After weeks of hype, the Farrah Abraham vs. Amber Portwood fight was as highly anticipated as Mayweather vs. Pacquiao.

And like that famous bout, the matchup entertained millions – even if it wasn’t quite as bloody as some had hoped.

It all started when Dr. Drew Pinsky brought up Simon Saran’s bizarre attacks on Farrah’s castmates during last night’s Teen Mom: OG reunion show.

Amber Portwood Reunion Special image
Photo via MTV

When Pinsky mentioned Simon’s tweets claiming that Amber’s boyfriend, Matt Baier, is a pedophile, Farrah seized the opportunity to make matters worse:

"Well, I’m sorry that Matt probably looks like it," Farrah joked, prompting Amber to storm out on stage to confront her.

"Just because somebody’s 20 years older than you doesn’t mean he’s a f–king pedophile," Amber screamed, while various crewmembers attempted to prevent her from attacking Farrah.

"Shut your f–king mouth, do you understand me? I’m going to stand up for my man!"

Farrah continued to taunt Amber, which eventually led Portwood to swing at her and miss.

Baier rushed on stage, just as Farrah’s father, Michael, joined the melee.

Farrah shouted out a series of bizarre insults, calling Amber and Matt criminals, who should be sent on a "visit to jail."

Amber dealt the last blow, shouting, "Shut your f–king crooked lips!" as she was escorted from the stage.

Needless to say, it was quite the scuffle.

Sadly, it may be some time before we see a rematch between Amber and Farrah.

Can someone please get these girls a spinoff ASAP?