Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez Welcome Baby Girl! See the Pics!

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Looks like congratulations are in order for Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta stars Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J on the birth of their baby girl! 

After a tumultuous year, Bonnie Bella was born on December 28, just a few days before 2017, and hopefully a new start for her parents.

Joseline and Steven Jordan

The near-constant drama between Joseline and Stevie J pretty much needs no introduction if you watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta online.

Or even if you don't watch it, in all likelihood.

To sum up: Joseline and Stevie were together for a long time. They were never married, even if they referred to each other as spouses.

Then they broke up this year ... after Joseline said she was pregnant and Stevie is a deadbeat child molester who disavowed the baby.

She also said she took a polygraph to prove he watches gay porn. Yeah ... things got so bad that Stevie threatened a defamation lawsuit ...

... only to make peace with her last month.

Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J Photo

In early December, he revealed he is in fact Bella’s father, and was over the moon about it, in an Instagram post that was beyond touching.

And, typically for the couple, short-lived.

Not even 24 hours later, Joseline went HAM and allegedly attacked Stevie in her home, prompting him to claim Hernandez is certifiable.

You could say these two are mercurial.

Fortunately for baby Bonnie, it looks like once again, they have been able to put their differences aside in honor of this important milestone.

Joseline and Stevie both shared photos of Baby Bonnie in their social media feeds, gushing about their new arrival of the past week:

Bonnie Bella Jordan

Neither picture shows Bonnie’s face, which we have to imagine is deliberate. You have to do a proper reveal for the cameras, correct?

Oh yes. Joseline even came out and said that she's saving the close-up in order to build up hype for Special Delivery, her VH1 spinoff.

Hey, at least she's up front.

The above image is Stevie's posted on Instagram the day after her daughter’s birth with the photo caption: “Bonnie Bella Jordan 12.28.16.”

A second photo, courtesy of Joseline, features a large thumb and a precious tiny fist, which she captioned “My daughter and my niece.”

Here's that adorable image:

Bonnie Bella Holds Hands

That's all we're getting for now, but we imagine the drama will continue promptly, as Stevie J now has six kids with five different women.

Oh yes. His love life is complicated, to say the least, as is his financial situation when it comes to supporting his growing number of kids.

While there is no longer controversy over whether Stevie is the father of the baby girl, the question of who will raise the poor child remains.

Stevie J is facing a mountain of debt and possible jail time for unpaid child support, which you can guarantee Joseline will use as leverage.

And despite claims not even a month ago that he would consider "getting back together" with his fiery ex, he also thinks she's crazy.

So ... there's that. Happy New Year?

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