Stevie J: Joseline Hernandez is a Certified Whack Job!

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Stevie J IS the father of Joseline Hernandez's impending baby.

This is no longer up for debate, as the Love & Hip Hop star has taken responsibility for fertilizing his occasional lover's egg with his sperm.

Moreover, Stevie J even wrote on social media last week that "see himself getting back together" with Hernandez, despite Joseline having previously said Stevie was a deadbeat child molester and Stevie saying Joseline has serious mental issues.

Ah, kind of young love. It's unpredictable, you know?

Stevie J, Up Close

Along those lines, it now seems as if Stevie J is singing another tune yet again.

And this one isn't in any sort of minor key. It centers on a key issue regarding Joseline and it accuses her of some majorly messed up stuff.

According to TMZ sources, Stevie J has filed actual legal documents that accuse Hernandez of being off her rocker, detailing incidents in which she made him fear for his life.

The (hilarious... to us) reality star alleges that Hernandez simply showed up to his home this past Sunday and busted up his face, leaving him with injured eyes.

Of course, on this same day, the on-again/off-again couple also shared a video of themselves acting all cute and cozy together.

But Stevie J says a physical confrontation followed this sweet moment.

Joseline Hernandez: Pregnant and Prepared

In these legal documents, Stevie J says there was another recent encounter where Hernandez threatened him, lunged at him, tossed paperwork in his direction and unleashed a profanity-laced tirade at him.

(Perhaps she was just running lines and actions for an upcoming Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta scene?)

As a result of this reportedly scary interactions, Stevie J is asking a judge to order a psychological evaluation for his baby mama, along with anger management counseling.

He says he's legitimately frightened that Joseline will hurt him ... or their unborn child.

Heck, Stevie J has preemptively requested a guardian be appointed for the baby, who is due any week now.

Stevie J Smiles

This certainly isn't the first time Stevie J has openly questioned Joseline's mental state.

He previously agreed to take a paternity test as long as he would be rewarded primary physical custody of his child once he or she was born because he was afraid of what Hernandez might do to the baby.

We often mock Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez (for obvious reasons), but this has the potential to be a very unfunny situation.

Then again... it also has the potential to be nothing but storyline fodder for Stevie J's upcoming VH1 reality show, which is a thing that will truly exist in just a couple weeks.

Check out the trailer now:

TMZ states that the second altercation referenced above took place at a DNA lab while Stevie underwent his DNA test.

Oh, and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta cameras were filming at the time.

Because of course they were, right?

No word yet from anyone in Joseline's camp regarding Stevie's legal filing, but that's probably because episodes of the VH1 reality program are yet to air.

As we look forward to the arrival of her offspring, we'll also anticipate Hernandez throwing a few accusations back toward Stevie once producers send her the next script.

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