Joseline Hernandez GOES OFF on Stevie J, Prompts 911 Call

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Forget reality show cameras, DNA tests and celebrity gossip blogs.

The police are now involved the ongoing feud between Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez.

According to official reports, the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star was just hanging at his house this past Sunday when his occasional lover and the mother of his impending child stopped by...

... and went BANANAS.

Stevie J Chills Out

Stevie J called 911 after he alleges Hernandez flipped out because he was at his crib with another woman (originally reported to be Joseline rival Tommie Lee, though this appears to be incorrect).

Based on what he told the cops, Joseline tried to punch and scratch him out of a jealous and anger-filled rage.

Despite Stevie’s claims that his baby mama screwed up his face and hurt his eyes, police on the scene say there were no visible injuries.

Joseline had fled the premises by the time authorities arrived and, of this writing, Stevie J has not yet taken their advice to get a restraining order against his fiery ex.

Perhaps he should, however, because members of the Sandy Springs Police Department were then called to Stevie’s house again on Monday.

Joseline Hernandez Baby Bump Picture

According to THIS police report, Stevie says Joseline used her hands, feet and teeth to attack him in a vicious manner.

This craziness comes on the equally crazy heels of Stevie and Joseline's relationship over the past few months.

Did we mention that the latter is pregnant? Because she is.

And that Stevie is the baby's father? Because he is.

The artist denied paternity for a long time, only to eventually take responsibility for knocking up his fellow star and even suggest online that he could see himself getting back together with Joseline.

Which is a statement we did not see coming... considering she once referred to Stevie J as a deadbeat child molester in a series of Tweets that also insulted Stevie's family as being "sick."

To be specific:

"Your family is sick your dad is a child molester and so are you. Me my baby and I will have a better life without you in it," wrote Hernandez in July on Twitter, adding:

"Now go run along and stop knocking on my door and calling me at 5 in the am after you been getting high all night."

Stevie to the J

In light of these latest incidents, meanwhile, Stevie J has filed legal documents.

He has asked a court to evaluate the psyche of Hernandez, believing her to be a mentally unfit mother.

Oh, yes, we're going down a very dangerous path here, people.

Stevie is afraid that Joseline will hurt him or their baby and wants her to undergo anger management counseling.

The ex-lovers and current enemies were in court on Tuesday to deal with this charge and this request.

And while we're giddy that this relationship has blown up in such an epic and entertaining manner, we're also concerned. We're worried. We're scared.

A child is about to come into the world. Joseline is due to give birth to a girl any week now.

She deserves better than to be raised in this sort of tension-filled environment.

Please work things out, Stevie and Joseline.

Not for the sake of gossip blogs like ourselves. For the sake of your daughter.

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