Stevie J: Confirmed as Joseline Hernandez Baby Daddy ... and Excited About It!

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Stevie J is Joseline’s baby daddy, and the combative Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars have come together in honor of their future offspring.

It's a rather incredible turn of events, and yet ... not.

Joseline and Steven Jordan

She was never concretely linked to anyone else (sorry Young Dro), so fans can't be shocked that the longtime couple conceived a kid.

Based on pure evidence, Stevie J being the father seemed the most likely outcome; Joseline originally insisted he was, for that matter.

But if you watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta online, you can't help but be surprised by the sweet words both just shared about each other.

Late last week, Stevie J dropped jaws across the ATL and the nation as he mused that he can "see himself getting back together" with her.

Yes, Steven Jordan actually said that he missed being with Joseline Hernandez, and that in the future, who knows what could happen.

Granted, the comments came as Stevie ramped up the publicity machine for Leave It To Stevie, his official spin-off (see trailer below).

He was going to be making public comments about his personal life no matter what, and those comments were going to keep us guessing.

Nevertheless, it was alleged that Young Dro was getting it on with Joseline Hernandez, a rumor fueled by the fact that he's joining LHHA.

More significantly, Joseline and Stevie making up like this feels improbable because they’ve been feuding for literally this entire year.

And HARD no less.

This is a woman who accused him of disavowing their unborn kid, being addicted to gay porn, and being a deadbeat child molester.

Stevie even sought a restraining order at one point ... from Joseline's verbal assaults. Not your standard lovers' quarrel in other words.

Joseline Baby Bump Pic

The turnaround, or at least the beginnings of it came two weeks ago, however, when Stevie J agreed to take a paternity test she wanted.

He agreed under the condition that if he was in fact the father of her baby, he would get full custody of it ... and he seemed serious.

Stevie claimed Joseline is an unfit mother, which very well may be the case for a number of reasons, but could also be a moot point:

Over the weekend, Stevie uploaded a video to Instagram that floored his followers before removing it (Starcasm got the screen grab).

In the clip, he jokes about Joseline only making him breakfast because he brings home “a big check” and mentions that she's due in four weeks.

And yes, it's very much his kid.

Joseline Hernandez Baby Bump Pic

Then he confirms in the caption that the woman he called his wife is expecting a baby girl and that they will name her Bonnie Bella.

“Bonnie Bella is 4 weeks away!” Stevie wrote.

“@joseline we may not always get along & we have done some hurtful things to each other but raising a child takes both parents."

"I’m all in. #BonnieBellaJordan”

Very sweet ... if it lasts.

That's a very big if, considering their relationship, and the fact that he's facing jail time for back child support payments for two of his children.

Oh, and then there's the minor issue that Stevie J got Ms. Jackson pregnant, allegedly, after he reportedly cheated on Faith Evans.

Stevie J and Faith Evans

The man kept busy during his split with Joseline, that's for damn sure, but hey. All's well that ends well in the Jordan-Hernandez household?

Needless to say, we wish Bonnie Bella a safe delivery a month from now, and pray that her VH1 star parents tone down the insanity.

As much as they're able.

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