Stevie J: Cheating on Joseline AND Faith Evans with Candice Boyd!

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Stevie J stars in a new reality show titled "Leave It To Stevie."

Which makes perfect sense.

Because we can always leave it to Stevie J to stir up some hilariously entertaining drama!

To kick off the new year, for example, Stevie welcomed a baby girl with occasional lover and even more frequent enemy, Joseline Hernandez.

Stevie J Reality Show Pic

The little girl's name is Bonnie Bella and she's downright adorable.

But you need not watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta online to be familiar with all the drama that has accompanied baby Bonnie's arrival.

For several weeks, Stevie denied that he was the father of Joseline's impending baby, a claim that was followed by Joseline alleging that she didn't want Stevie in the child's life anyway.

Because he's a deadbeat child molester.

Eventually, Stevie relented, owning up to his paternity... while also filing legal documents in which he said Hernandez is seriously insane and should not have custody of her own baby. 

MEANWHILE, Stevie hasn't just been battling Joseline for custody of his child.

He's also been porking Faith Evans!

In a radio interview last month, the reality star made it pretty clear that he's in a relationship with the singer:

Has he been, well, faithful to Faith, though?

No sooner did rumors of his romance with Evans make the Internet rounds than rumors of Stevie J cheating on his new girlfriend also ran rampant.

Back in late September, some Instagram user shared pictures on her account of Stevie in a VERY compromising position with her cousin.

You ca (nay, you should!) watch the video at the top of this article to actually see said pictures and learn more about this supposed scandal.

And now another woman has come forward to accuse Stevie of sleeping around; this time with Candice Boyd.

Boyd is a singer who is signed to Epic Records.

According to her sister, she's also someone who has ridden the Stevie J train hard, as Candice's sibling couldn't help but react to a comment left on Boyd's Instagram page that congratulated Stevie and Joseline on their "bundle of joy."

Upon seeing this remark, Candice's sister left her own comment that reads as follows:

boyd response

Wrote Candice Boyd's sister:

“Bitch my sister fucking him and bitches coming on here talking about JOSlin is trying to be funny bitch you all on the comments is you tryna fuckem y you asking the fuck DOSE UT MARTER AND UPSET NAH THIS SHIT FUNNY BUT I HAVE ALL THE TIME FOR THE BULLSHIT."

We're pretty sure this translates into:

"My sister is having sexual intercourse with Stevie J and it's hilarious that you all think he's with Joseline or Faith."

Candice Boyd is yet to comment herself on her alleged romance with Stevie J.

And, look, we'd never condone cheating. If you're with someone, you should be loyal to that person.

But should any woman expect Stevie J to be loyal to her at this point?!?

Just go fire up the Internet and watch Leave It To Stevie online if you need evidence of how this rapper lives his life.

Stevie loves his children, but he also loves women. He can't get enough of them. He can't even be happy with just one of them.

So Joseline Hernandez... Faith Evans... Candice Boyd... Whomever comes along next, just keep this in mind:

You can always leave it to Stevie J to stick his penis in anything that moves. Life your life accordingly.

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