Anna Duggar: Pregnancy Confirmed By New Year's Photo?!

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Back in March of last year, Josh Duggar left rehab in Illinois after over six months of in-patient treatment for sex addiction.

The eldest son of reality TV's most controversial couple has kept a relatively low profile ever since ... with some exceptions.

Anna and Josh Duggar: Bible Launch Event in D.C.

Eeagle-eyed fans have spotted the disgraced 29-year-old at a number of family events, including Jinger Duggar's wedding in November.

The family does its best to keep Josh off its social media pages and TV series, a pattern that is likely to continue for some time.

While he was in attendance at both the ceremony and reception, Josh was not featured in the televised special about Jinger's wedding.

One often gets the sense that he's lurking just off camera, however, because of little hints here and there ... and because these are the Duggars.

Basically, Josh has taken on a Big Foot-like mystique for Duggar obsessives who are intrigued, or baffled, by his attendance at family events.

Anna Duggar: Pregnancy Photo

The latest cause for fans to scrutinize family photos for signs of his presence came this past weekend during New Year's Eve.

A possible near-Josh sighting took place Saturday night, when fans insisted that the woman featured in the above photo was Anna Duggar.

Not just Anna Duggar ... PREGNANT Anna Duggar.

We've been hearing rumors Anna is pregnant with her fifth child for months now, but the Duggars have yet to confirm or deny the reports.

Several fans leapt at the opportunity to cite this photo as evidence that Anna is expecting, and that the photo was edited so as to cut Josh out.

Their arguments are shaky at best, though.

Josh and Anna Duggar Anniversary Photo

Within hours of the photo appearing online, fans were spreading the word that Anna's fifth pregnancy had been confirmed.

Duggar loyalists took to Twitter and Facebook to debunk the pregnancy rumor. One of them, Jenny Tharp, commented:

“How do any of you even think this is Anna?” 

“There’s not even a tiny bit of face showing in this picture. It could literally be ANYONE. And maybe they’re not even pregnant.”

Jenny raises some valid points there.

The debate may have been settled by Denise Brummett Barnhart, a close friend of the Duggars, who commented on the pic:

Anna, Joshua Duggar

“To put this conversation to rest, this is my 17 yr old daughter and she is DEFINITELY NOT PREGNANT!” she wrote.

That should settle the matter, but you know how rumors involving the Duggars tend to take on lives of their own.

Granted, it's not like a Duggar expecting a baby is ever a big surprise (see Jill and Jessa, Anna's four and Michelle's 19).

You could say that perhaps, the online sleuths are taking their "jobs" a bit seriously when it comes to "stories" like this though.

It seems some fans (and critics) of the family tend to be just as naive and prone to believing nonsense as, well, the Duggars themselves.

As for why Anna is still with Josh? SMH.

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