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Oh, Stevie J.

This really is not a very good week for you, is it?

We just hope you keep hanging in there despite the controversy that continues to follow you around. Just keep being you, man.

Stevie J with a Cigar
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It alls started with talk that Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez have been fired from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Or, to be more specific, that VH1 has chosen not to renew the contracts of its two biggest reality stars.

Why would network executives arrive at this seemingly terrible decision? Because Stevie J ad Joseline have grown too expensive.

Sources claim the network is looking to save money and thinks the ratings for Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta will mostly remain steady due to the addictive nature of the show… even without its leading cast members.

You can watch the video above for more information and weigh in below on whether you think this is a sound strategy.

Meanwhile, a new story alleges that Stevie J is already cheating on new girlfriend Faith Evans.

Rumors of a romance between the reality star and the singer only recently heated up after Evans shared a photo of her and Stevie on her Instagram page two weeks ago.

It sure does look like Stevie is going in for a kiss here, doesn’t it?

Stevie J and Faith Evans
Photo via Instagram

"Well I guess it’s Ooouuu…(in my Young MA voice) #TiptoeinginTampa with @hitmansteviej_1 #BadBoyFamilyReunionTour #teamfizzy #teamprolific #charmflowersgroup #TKAI coming soon!" wrote Evans as this picture’s caption.

But while things look great for the new couple above, a random person wrote in to The Shade Room with some bad news.

In a letter penned to the website, this individual said she has proof that Stevie has cheated on Evans at least once.

This is what the letter says:

I was over my cousins house the other day and she had a couple of her friends over for a little get together.

We all started taking pictures on her phone and I accidentally scrolled to far and found this freaky picture of her and Stevie J.

I contemplated sending it since it’s my family after all but hey if Stevie J is the alleged father to Joseline’s baby girl then she needs to know what he’s doing behind her back!

Here is a look at the NSFW photo in question:

TSR Stevie

Of course, whether or not Stevie J is the father of Joseline’s baby girl is up for debate.

A rumor surfaced in late July that Joseline is actually pregnant by Young Dro.

It’s very difficult to keep track of Stevie’s penis, where it has been and where it might end up going next.

He has five kids by four different women, and that’s not counting the baby on the way that may be his, courtesy of Hernandez.

Stevie J Photograph
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We most definitely do not approve if he’s been cheating on Faith Evans. That’s his fault and he’s wrong for doing so.

But one could easily argue that perhaps Evans should have seen this coming. We’re just saying.