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Kylie Jenner is a champion of the people.

And if she’s not a champion of the people, well, at least she’s a champion of boobs.

Whatever dumb things she says, whatever obnoxious nonsense she does, one thing is a constant, and that’s her hotness.

Kylie Jenner: Blonde, Again
Photo via Instagram

She might have just gotten some mighty large breast implants, and she may or may not stuff some pads in her underwear to give herself a Kardashian booty.

Her lips are maybe about 30% natural, and listening to her speak makes you believe you can feel your brain cells dying.

But girl is on fire, let’s just be real about that.

And that’s why we’re so excited by these new photos she’s shared to tease some "secret project" she’s involved with.

Kylie Jenner Poses in Gold Dress
Photo via Instagram

We don’t know much about this project — literally all we know is that Kylie posted these photos on Instagram with the caption "secret project" — but still, we’re pretty excited about it.

After all, it’s Kylie Jenner in next to no clothing with cleavage spilling out everywhere — how could we not be excited?

The photos seem to focus mainly on her body. What a shocker, right?

Two of them focus on the latest talk of the town, that chest of hers, but one gives a classic throwback to the old Kardashian-Jenner favorite.

Kylie Jenner Gold Dress
Photo via Instagram

She’s wearing a gold … dress? A gold piece of lingerie? Is there a difference for these people?

She’s also rocking a bold lip and that nice blonde bob wig she was sporting last week.

So what could this secret project of hers be? We’re guessing some kind of photo shoot , since really the only other guess we’d have from these photos would be porn.

And honestly, it just doesn’t seem like it’s the right time for an adult film debut.

Kylie Jenner Cleavage in Gold Dress
Photo via Instagram

We suppose she could also be preparing to launch a new lingerie line, or maybe she helped to develop a line of particularly terrible cameras.

She could be promoting a number of things in this project, and there’s always the big chance that she’s just promoting herself.

Either way, we’ll take it!