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Try to look past Kylie Jenner’s lips for a moment if you can. 

We know it’s difficult, but please. Try. For the sake of this.

Scroll down this reality star’s body a little further and you’ll come across a different part of her body sparking debate this week.

Two body parts, if we’re being specific. We’re talking about Kylie’s boobs, and the question we have for you is: Are they real?!?

Kylie claims they are 100 percent natural, but we’ve compiled a rundown of racy pictures that purport to tell a different story.

Moreover, a plastic surgeon says they’re fake, fake, fake.

Who to believe? Remember when Kylie claimed her lips were real? She eventually admitted to the use of products that are … not.

Her credibility is suspect, in other words.

The jury is out, but we enter the following images as evidence in the case of The People v. Kylie Jenner’s Allegedly Legitimate Boobs: