Jenelle Evans Takes Shot at Chelsea Houska, Deletes Twitter Account In Wake of Pregnancy Reveal

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Yesterday, the world learned that Jenelle Evans is pregnant with her third child in the classiest way possible - from a police report.

Oooh, Jenelle

The news came as somewhat of a surprise, as for several months now, Jenelle has been denying that she's pregnant whenever the topic came up. 

Considering every other event in Jenelle's life plays out on Teen Mom 2 or social media, we're not sure why she chose to keep things on the down-low, but we do know she's very pissed that the world found out she's knocked up.

In case you missed it, Jenelle's pregnancy was revealed from a post car-accident police report that described her as "pregnant and complaining of abdominal pains."

(The "complaining" part certainly sounds like Jenelle! Zing!)

Jenelle being Jenelle, instead of simply coming forward and confirming the information, she decided to make the whole situation unnecessarily weird and dramatic.

The fan reaction to the news that Jenelle is expecting was, well, mixed at best (After all, Jenelle is currently fighting two custody battles at once), and needless to say, the Carolina Hurricane didn't take the criticism lightly:

“Funny someone else comes out with news they are pregnant and the world is overjoyed," she tweeted over the weekend.

Given the recent announcement that Chelsea Houska is pregnant with her second child, many assumed Jenelle was referring to her much-more-beloved castmate.

Evans clarified that she was not talking about Chelsea, but about her "5 friends who recently announced they were pregnant."

She then deleted her Twitter account entirely/

Jeez, you'd think someone who lies so much would be better at it.

Anyway, congrats, Jenelle!

This pregnancy feels like it's gonna be tumultuous even by your lofty standards.

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