Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 2 Recap: Co-Parenting FTW?

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On the heels of an intense season premiere last week, Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 2 saw Kailyn and Javi decide to end it for good.

Meanwhile, Chesea shared big news with Aubree, and Jenelle, though cleared of assault, found that not everything was smooth sailing.

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you've seen no shortage of Kailyn Lowry-Javi Marroquin conflict over the years, and especially lately.

With the U.S. Air Force member set to return home from deployment, Kail pondered whether it was time for them to inevitably split.

“I’ve adjusted to him not being here,” she said, adding. “I don’t have to answer to anybody. I’ve created my own routine with the kids.”

At least things were going pretty well with her other ex.

Jo Rivera helped out by picking up Isaac up from school while Kailyn went to class, something that carries a lot of importance for her.

Kailyn had been scheduling summer classes so she could graduate in the fall, becoming the first Teen Mom to get a four-year degree. 

Will she stay with Javi, though? We all know the answer ...

Speaking co-parenting successes, Leah Messer took daughter Aliannah to the doctor, where Corey Simms made sure to be on the phone.

Sadly, little Ali needs her wheelchair more than ever, even at home, and to wear a helmet as she falls over 5-10 times a day on average.

Also appearing via telephone was Jeremy Calvert, who Skyped his daughter with Leah, Adalynn, from his temporary job in South Dakota.

Leah wasn't as pleased with Jeremy, though. Adalynn misses him so much and he only bothers to call once a week, Messer lamented.

She previously criticized Jeremy for moving in with Brooke Wehr at the expense of his kid, and we expect this won't be the last of that.

In North Carolina, Jenelle celebrated being found not guilty of assault by ... preparing for mediation with Nathan Griffith regarding custody.

David Eason, meanwhile, shared his thoughts on the subject ...

Nathan told friends that he was pretty sure he would gain primary custody of Kaiser because Jenelle wasn’t providing a safe environment.

Jenelle felt that she had the better argument, wanted to settle.

As such, they ended up striking a joint custody agreement in which they'd both see Kaiser, and they both seemed satisfied with this.

Griffith would have Kaiser on the first, third and fourth weekends of every month, and Nate made an effort to see Kaiser almost immediately.

Despite Jenelle’s concerns that he had no idea where to even begin being a dad, maybe he's turning over a new leaf with his parenting?

All we know is that Jenelle and David are having their own kid any week now, so the couple's lives are about to get even more complicated.

Following last week’s reveal that Adam Lind, who complains he has to pay too much child support, doesn't want to be on the show anymore ...

... because producers can’t magically read his mind and figure out where and when he's going to be looking like an awesome father ...

... and he won't tell them, or cooperate, or act in a manner that encourages Chelsea Houska to paint him a more positive light either ...

... Chelsea met up with his other baby mama, Taylor Halbur, who's become the Housk's new workout (and gossip) partner.

Oh, the irony.

It was Taylor's turn to vent, specifically about Adam Lind lying about his custody arrangement with Paislee. Oh, Chelsea's been there.

Despite being a derelict of society, this guy will misrepresent just about anything he feels makes him look like a victim in the moment.

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