Jenelle Evans-Farrah Abraham Feud Heats Up on Social Media!

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Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham are the two stars of the Teen Mom franchise that fans most love to hate.

One would think that as the villains of their respective series, Jenelle and Farrah would have a lot to bond over, and for a while, it seems like that was the case.

Farrah and Jenelle met for the first time just last year, when they partied in Miami for Jenelle's birthday.

Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham

They appeared to get along, and expressed mutual admiration for one another.

Prior to this selfie-heavy Yalta conference, however, these two took every opportunity to attack one in the press and on social media.

Jenelle has repeatedly slammed Farrah as "Miss Pornstar" (not the most creative nickname, but it gets the point across).

She's also attacked her allegedly negligent parenting in interviews.

Apparently realizing that she's met her match, Farrah has remained uncharacteristically quiet in the wake of Jenelle's comments.

Jenelle Evans Farrah Abraham Diss

In case you can't tell, that's a photo of some port-a-potties.

“Got some Port-A-Johns for the MTV crew," Jenelle wrote.

She scrawled "j/k" on the pic to make it clear that she doesn't actually force the MTV crew to use outdoor toilets when they're filming at her home.

How does this relate to her fellow reality star, you ask?

The pic is a reference to recent rumors that Farrah Abraham won't allow Teen Mom staff to use her bathroom while during shooting.

Fans who watch Teen Mom 2 online and got the joke tweeted the pic to Farrah and encouraged her to respond, but thus far ... nothing.

Farrah Abraham for MTV

From all indications, it seems like Farrah will take the high road again following Jenelle's most recent trash talk.

Just kidding! It's more than a little surprising, as if you know Farrah, you know that she lives for petty drama.

Meanwhile, Jenelle is getting a lot of mileage out of her latest snap, retweeting fans who gave her props for her shade-throwing ability.

Farrah may be planning something big, and for the first time ever, actually taking the time to craft a response made up of coherent sentences.

But maybe she's just decided she has too much beef on her plate these days, and she's choosing to focus on her feud with Amber Portwood.

Jenelle Evans: Baby Bumpin!

Still, another possibility is that Farrah simply knows she's outmatched.

You won't hear her admit this, or apologize, but we can see her sitting back and hoping to ride this out until fans focus on something else.

Farrah might be crazy, but the Carolina Hurricane is ca-raaaaazy!

Perhaps even the Backdoor Teen Mom / Miss Pornstar is smart enough to when to back away from writing checks her body can't cash.

In a manner of speaking. That wasn't a prostitution reference.

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