Brielle Biermann Denies Latest Plastic Surgery Rumors: This Ass is All Real!

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We're all familiar with this cycle by now: Brielle Biermann shares a racy selfie, people accuse her of some plastic surgery procedure, she denies it in the most embarrassing fashion possible.

We all know how it goes, but still, it's so much fun, isn't it?

This time, the plastic surgery rumors began after Brielle shared this photo on Snapchat:

Brielle Biermann Butt Implants?

We'll give you a moment to gather your thoughts.

Analyze the photo, adjust the settings on your screen, really consider what's going on here. Take a good, long look at this.

You know, for science.

Does her ass look bigger than it has in the past? Maybe a little fluffed up? And if so, is a natural fluffing, like the results from some extra squats or a tiny bit of weight gain?

Or does this photo prove that she's gone and surgically altered her backside?

Brielle Biermann Bikini Belfie

We're not sure, but regardless of what happened, the photo sure has people talking.

Specifically, it got the ladies who host The Real talking -- they did an entire segment about teenagers getting plastic surgery, and it was inspired by Brielle.

The question they raised: if your teenager daughter wanted to get plastic surgery, would you let her get it?

And, as you could probably imagine, Brielle didn't love it.

She shared a video on Snapchat of herself watching the segment and whining "Oh my god, I've had the same ass my whole life! Like, really?!"

Brielle Biermann Sunglasses

And for the caption, she wrote "I'm almost 20!!! even if I wanted plastic surgery i could go get it down MYSELF w OUT my moms permission! this ass is all real."

She then hopped over to Twitter to offer a lengthier explanation.

"1. I'll be 20 next month so IF i wanted to get plastic surgery i don't my moms permission," she wrote -- for real, that's what she wrote.

"2. my butt has been the same size my whole life. i have always had thicker thighs.. thicker lower half of my body. this 'ass' is not new!"

"3. it was honestly just a good angle. my butts not that fat!" Brielle insisted.

Brielle Biermann lips

"4. stop thinking everyone has plastic surgery if they have a big butt, a cute nose, big breasts, etc. not everything's fake!"

"5. haters go fluff yourself :)"

And then, she redeemed all those dramatic nonsense with "6. there's nothin real about these lips thoooooo."

You're OK sometimes, Brielle. Just sometimes though.

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