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Kylie Jenner grew up surrounded by reminders of what can be accomplished through the release of a well-publicized piece of homemade porn.

The infamous Kim Kardashian sex tape not only launched Kim’s remarkably lucrative career, it made celebrities of her entire family. 

So, with that gold standard in mind …

Kylie Jenner on the Sofa
Photo via Instagram

Sure, Kimberly and her sisters have put in work to maintain their popularity in the years since, but it all started with some grainy footage.

Of Ray J. Taking it to Kim feverishly but methodically in a cheap-looking hotel room. Who would’ve ever guessed the empire he would launch.

Very few of us, but having accomplished that, it’s hard to think those humble beginnings weren’t on 19-year-old Kylie’s mind this week.

She posted a racy video of herself in bed with boyfriend Tyga which you can see below … and which leaves very little to the imagination …

The brief clip, which showed up on Kylie’s Snapchat on Saturday, is apparently part of a promotional blitz for Kylie’s first pop-up shop.

Which, of course, is part of a larger, viral marketing campaign to sell a metric butt-ton of Kylie lip kits before the holidays.

But overpriced makeup trends come and go, and porn-based infamy is forever, which is why this clip is so much more than a lip liner commercial.

Celebs have been appearing in suggestive ad campaigns ever since some Don Draper type figured out that sex is the only universal attention-grabber.

But because this is a member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan we’re talking about, this spot has sparked an unusual level of interest.

Kylie Jenner: Instagram Underwear Selfie

Rumors of a Kylie Jenner sex tape have been circulating for years (which is creepy, because she’s only 19), and especially lately.

The rising star of the Kard clan seems to be slyly hinting at those reports more and more often with her latest marketing materials.

As for whether or not such footage exists …

… our guess would be probably not.

Growing up as the younger sister of the world’s most famous sex tape star is a double-edged sword. It means you’re in awe, for sure.

It also means you’re no doubt acutely aware of how difficult, and important, it is to protect your private information (and videos).

Kylie Jenner Bikini Picture
Photo via Instagram

For Kim, it turned out to be a boon, but Kylie is already wildly famous. Which makes our reasoning for her not making a sex tape twofold:

1. At this point in her career, there’s no need for her to star in a "leaked" sex tape. Kim blazed that trail; Kylie doesn’t have to.

2. Jenner is likely careful never to participate in any sort of impromptu risque photo or video shoots for fear of getting hacked.

If, in a few years, Kylie’s popularity wanes, well … Kris Jenner may have a few ideas about how to get her back in the tabloid headlines.

But for now, Kylie will only be filming in bed if she’s at least partially clothed, which is all the better to tease us with anyway.

Always leave ’em wanting more …