Scott Disick: PLEASE Give Me Another Baby, Kourtney Kardashian!

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Don't know if you've noticed or not, but Scott Disick is kind of killing it lately. 

And by "it," we mean everything -- but mostly being a good father and a good partner to Kourtney Kardashian.

You never thought you'd see the day, right?

Scott Disick at the Sugar Factory Photo

Scott spent many years in a downward spiral, struggling with his addiction issues and his mental health.

The spiral was first majorly noticeable, sadly enough, when Kourtney was pregnant with their first child, Mason.

Who could forget when Scott went on bender after bender before getting into a fight with a mirror on Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami?

He would get better, then he would get worse, and so on and so forth until, about two years ago, that downward spiral just got so fast there at the bottom.

The Lord was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning, but even after that, he kept on drinking, and he kept on making terrible choices.

Until, finally, Kourtney dumped him last July.

Scott Disick for Lyft

After that, he spent a little while longer being the hottest, saddest mess that ever was, but then finally something seemed to click.

Don't look now, but quietly, slowly and surely, the reality star has started putting his life back together over the last 12 months.

And it's just been a delight to see.

Scott has been so good lately that he and his 37-year-old longtime partner are, at long last, officially back together.

And judging by these seriously adorable photos he shared over the weekend, he's got something to prove ...

Scott Disick Jets with Mason and Penelope

Yes, after all those months of being a somewhat absent father, of ditching his kids to party hard and booze it up, he took his two oldest kids, Mason and Penelope, on his private jet.

(Yes, Scott has a private jet.)

He took this photo of Penelope, and do you even know what he captioned it?

Penelope Disick on a Jet

"The sunlight in my life," he wrote. 

Can it get more precious than that?

Turns out it can, because, he also shared a picture of Mason -- who is getting SO BIG -- and wrote "And the boss in my life."

It's almost too cute, but hey, is there really such a thing as "too cute"? When it comes to a father doting on his children?

Surely not.

Mason Disick on a Jet

But wait, it gets better!

According to a report from Radar, Scott just may be doing all this not just to be a good dad, but also to prove himself to Kourtney.

In order to show her he's changed his ways, he's going all out so she'll be like "yeah, go ahead and impregnate me again."

However, it sounds like it would be more of a show of good faith, because the door has been open to this idea for some time.

According to persistent rumors and a new statement from an insider, Kourtney's already prepared to have Baby Disick No. 4.

"Kourtney and Scott are really making up for lost time right now," the source claims, and yes, that means physically.

Kourtney & Scott Image

"They are having sex nonstop in hopes that Kourtney will become pregnant right away. She really wants to conceive in time for the holidays!"

Cutting it a little close, aren't you, girl?

But hey, if Scott is truly a changed man, if he's committed to being as good a father as he seems lately, then by all means, happy boning.

After all, Kourtney and Scott do make some outrageously adorable kids ... and are pretty darn cute together, despite the ups and downs.

Agree? Disagree? Discuss! 

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