Kylie Jenner Sex Tape: Is This the Real Deal?!

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So, this happened:

Kylie Jenner shared some very graphic sex tape footage on Twitter last night after a fan asked her if it was the Kylie Jenner sex tape

One of KJ's tens of millions of fans tweeted an X-rated clip to the star and said, "Is this you? People are saying this is you." 

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"But I don't believe it's you unless you confirm it!" the fan added. 

The 19-year-old, for her part, responded - and retweeted the strange, graphic sex clip (?!?) - and said, "LMAO!" 

"No, that's not me!" 

Why she re-shared the footage to begin with is lost upon us ... but what if this was a portion of a Kylie Jenner sex tape after all?

Perhaps master businesswoman Kylie decided to "fake" a "fake" leak just to gauge the public's temperature for this sort of thing? 

Things that make you go hmm ... 

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Fans even spoke out and aired their surprise that Kylie even shared the video. 

"HAHAHAH I CANT BELIEVE U RESPONDED TO THIS," one fan wrote, clearly amused.


Kylie's followers not only have problems believing that their idol shared the video, but have a problem with their caps lock button, too.

This isn't even remotely close to being the first time that Kylie Jenner and a purported sex tape have made it into the same headline. 

Or the 10th.

Kylie Jenner Sheer Lingerie Photo

Last year, as fans of the reality star and amateur celebrity porn likely recall, Kylie was offered $10 million for a sex tape. 

"Kim's sex tape helped launch her career and would be nothing but positive for you," Vivid's CEO Steven Hirsch said at the time. 

To our knowledge, Kylie never took Vivid up on their offer. 

Other companies offered Kylie similar deals, but she apparently didn't take them up on their offers, either. 

It was even reported that Tyga weighed in on the tape rumors, and claimed that a Tyga-Kylie Jenner sex tape would be a smash hit. 

Kylie Jenner and Tyga Get Too Close for Comfort Photo

It was reported that Tyga was not just keen to make money off of this idea, but to show the world how freaky his girl was in the bedroom.

And beyond the bedroom. Believe us.

The rapper said that their sex tape "would knock Kylie out of the park in this sex tape and it would be wilder than Mimi and Nikko’s."

"Sure, that shower scene was cool," the source continued, referring to the infamous Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta romp.

"But Tyga’s got bigger ideas than that."

"He’s talking about getting it started in the back of the Rolls. Then he wants to continue it ... by making Kylie a member of the mile high club."

Oh yes. He wants her to "get down, in flight, on the G-5!" Can you even handle the idea of such a video actually hitting the open market?

Tyga's proposed money shot (so to speak):

"Instead of using that pull out bed on the G5, he would make his own 'mattress' using a half of million dollars in $100 bills."

Well, to be fair, that's a hell of a lot classier than what's in the extremely lurid and déclaseé video on Kylie's Twitter page.

Still, we're not gonna hold our breath. 

Not for too long, anyway. 

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