Kid Rock Sells Offensive Trump T-Shirts, Is Still The Worst

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For the past several months, we as a people have been so endlessly and thoroughly tormented by Donald Trump and everything he stands for.

It's been bad. Real bad.

We've been exposed to all those horrible things he's said ever since people started paying attention to those moments when he opens his mouth and pure terror falls out.

We've been hearing about his countless wrongdoings, including his alleged sexual assaults and his sexist, racist, homophobic actions.

So did the universe finally decide to throw us a bone? Did some higher power decide to look down on us in mercy, to give us just the tiniest bit of hope?

Fat Kid Rock Photo

Nah, the universe laughed, said "try this on for size, bitches," and threw Kid Rock into the mix.

What did we do that was so wrong as to deserve this?

Kid Rock, as you can probably imagine, is a loud and proud Trump supporter. It makes sense: after all, he is the guy who told everyone who questioned his love of the Confederate flag to "kiss my ass."

He also once said that if someone tried to tell him that he couldn't use the word "gay" to be a synonym for "bad," then that person could "go f-ck themselves."

"You're not going to get anything politically correct out of me," he said, and he wasn't lying.

Kid Rock Image

These days though, Kid Rock has been finding a lot of joy in this one Photoshopped image that's been making its way across the parts of the internet that regularly care about Kid Rock.

In the photo, he's wearing a t-shirt that shows a map of the U.S. The red states, the states that voted for Trump, are referred to as the United States of America, while the blue states have been so charmingly renamed "Dumbf-ckistan."

The shirt wasn't real, it was just a product of some sad, misguided soul's imagination, but Kid Rock liked it so much that he decided to make it real.

Kid Rock Dumb Trump Shirt

And now you can buy it on his website.

"Due to overwhelming demand," he explained on his Facebook page, "we decided to go ahead and actually make this and other current event merch."

And that is why, if you really want to do so, you can hop online and buy the Dumbf-ckistan shirt, as well as this one:

Kid Rock Trump Shirt

"God, Guns, & Trump," right? What could be ... better? More American?

We're not sure why he's lumping those three things together, but don't worry, this other shirt is a little more clear in its meaning:

Kid Rock Offensive Donald Trump Shirt

"_onald Trump: The 'D' Is Missing Because It's In Every Hater's Mouth."

Someone actually thought that thought and then pitched it to people who thought "Yeah, let's slap that on a t-shirt and ask $24.99 for it."

We are doomed. We are so. Doomed.

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