Chelsea Houska Reveals Due Date, Shares Pregnancy Pics

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Back in July, we learned that Chelsea Houska is pregnant with her second child.

Like all stars of the Teen Mom franchise, Chelsea interacts with fans and shares frequent updates about her personal life on social media.

Still, details about her pregnancy have been relatively scarce ... until now:

Chelsea Houska Pregnancy Selfie

Yesterday, the Teen Mom 2 fan favorite offered her biggest reveals to date, sharing not only her due date, but also a number of photos of her growing baby bump.

Chelsea posted the pic above on Snapchat this week, along with a caption containing some very encouraging news:

"Had a healthy check in today! Baby boy is over 3 lbs!"

We assume she meant "check up" but we're not here to quibble. We're just happy Chelsea is getting all positive updates.

Her forthcoming bundle of joy is growing nicely! When can she expect him to arrive? Houska answered that as well ...

Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer on Snapchat

Chelsea revealed that she has just ten weeks remaining in her pregnancy, which put her due date some time in late February.

With her signature sense of humor, the South Dakota native also revealed that she's already begin planning for the delivery.

"Making a list of things I need to get/pack for my hospital bag ... adult diapers was #5 on that list," Chelsea wrote.

The girl speaks from experience, as many, many women who have given birth - even at young ages - can surely attest.

It'll be Chelsea's second child, as you know if you watch Teen Mom 2 online, but her first with husband Cole DeBoer.

Chelsea Houska: Pregnant on Instagram

Chelsea and Cole got married in October, but he's been with her - and a favorite of MTV viewers - for quite some time.

To be fair, Cole been helped in that regard by just how sharply contrasts with Chelsea's first baby daddy, Adam Lind.

Adam is widely considered to be one of the worst baby daddies in the history of the Teen Mom franchise, if the worst.

Falling to the bottom of that list is no easy feat, but Adam consistently finds a way to lower the bar. Impressive almost.

None of that is to take away from Cole. He seems like a stand-up guy and what anyone would want for their daughter.

Right Randy?

As far as names go, Chelsea revealed that she's expecting a boy last month, but she's been tight-lipped about that subject.

In any case, Chelsea continues to a refreshing change of pace in that we can follow her on a consistently positive path.

One in which we're not constantly waiting for her to screw up.

As her dad put it recently during her feud with Farrah Abraham (a one-sided feud which Chelsea stayed out of), she flies under the radar.

So far so that MTV forgets about her. But her followers don't.

With Houska, fans are interested not because they're eager to see how she'll mess up next, but because they're excited to see her happy.

If anyone deserves to be loved and content, it's Chelsea.

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