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It’s become alarmingly clear that Donald Trump, actual candidate for President of the United States of America, believes that he can do whatever he likes to any woman he comes across, and that he can do it with no consequences.

Hell, he’s even admitted as much.

We as a people will never be able to forget those horrible tapes in which Donald announced that "when you’re a star," you can just approach women and "grab them by the pussy" without any permission at all.

Donald Trump & Billy Bush: Lewd Comments Caught on Video
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(In case there’s any confusion here, that’s called sexual assault. There’s not some kind of cool Hollywood crotch handshake that you haven’t heard about.)

And even if Trump hadn’t been dumb enough to brag about sexual assault, there have been quite a few women coming forward with horror stories about what he did to them.

This week alone, three women have reported that Trump forced himself on them, kissing and groping them without their consent. The first of these incidents happened all the way back in the early 80s, and the latest happened in 2005.

But now another woman, People writer Natasha Stoynoff, is sharing her story of what Trump did to her.

Settle in, because this is absolutely horrific.

Donald Trump Makes a Point

Stoynoff writes that her job for People was to cover all things Donald Trump. She developed a professional relationship with him and his current wife, Melania, and in December of 2005, she visited his Florida estate to do an interview with them.

Things were going well, but when Melania left them alone to do a wardrobe change, Trump told Stoynoff that he wanted to take her on a tour of the mansion, and that there was one particular room that he wanted her to see.

"We walked into that room alone," she writes, "and Trump shut the door behind us. I turned around, and within seconds he was pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat."

Before things went any further, a butler entered the room to tell them that Melania would be ready to continue the interview soon.

Donald Trump in Virginia

Stoynoff says she was "in shock" after it happened, and that as they were waiting for Melania, Trump told her "You know we’re going to have an affair, don’t you?"

Thankfully, Melania joined them at that point, and Trump, of course, acted like nothing had happened.

The next day, Stoynoff had an appointment with a massage therapist at Trump’s private resort, an appointment that he had arranged for her. She wasn’t sure if she should keep the appointment, but in the end, she did, though she was 30 minutes late.

She apologized to the massage therapist, and he told her that "Mr. Trump was here waiting for you." He said that he was in the massage room, but since she was late, he had to leave for a meeting.

She recalls thinking that "He’s going to show up and this guy’s going to let him in with me half-naked on a table."

He didn’t though, and Stoynoff left the appointment early.

After the encounter, she asked for a different job assignment and she avoided Trump altogether. She tried to pretend like what happened wasn’t a big deal, but, of course, it was.

But while Stoynoff’s story is definitely a big deal, and it should definitely be read by anyone and everyone, especially those who think Trump is a good person to run the entire country, it seems like the man himself is not all that bothered.

Yesterday, the Donald held a press conference in Florida, and the entire point was to discredit his accusers.

Donald Trump Shrugs It Off GIF

He said that the women who’ve been coming forward with stories of sexual assault and harassment were lying and working to "help the Clintons keep their corrupt control over our government."

So if any of these women are expecting an apology, well, sorry ’bout it. It’s beyond clear that he doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong. At all. Ever.

Does anybody else fantasize about Ashton Kutcher popping out at the next debate to reveal that this entire thing has been the longest, most Punk’d sketch of all time?