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It seems like just yesterday when those adorable Jonas Brothers were rocking those sweet little purity rings.

Man … what happened?

Joe Jonas is Handsome
Photo via Instagram

Two-thirds of the JoBros have rebelled in pretty major ways. Who could forget that long stretch of time when Nick Jonas seemed to refuse any photo shoots that didn’t primarily feature him shirtless?

Or how he went through that phase where all he talked about was sex, how much he liked sex, how much he very, very definitely had had sex?

But while Nick Jonas pretty much exploded out of the Disney child star box, Joe Jonas has been steadily working on changing his image to an adult man who, like his little brother, has for sure had sex.

And in this new interview he did with PrideSource, he really gets into the details.

For instance, Joe was asked about a new song of his called “Be Mean,” which is apparently just about S&M.

Joe Jonas at the EMAs
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About the song, he said “I feel like I’m free in my life to speak about it, and yeah, everyone should try a little bit of something new in the bedroom.”

“It’s definitely fun when you bring some whips and leather and whatever you may be into — a little bit of S&M — into the bedroom.”

Joe, you saucy minx!

“I wrote it about me and someone I was getting wild with,” he explained, “and maybe we busted some outfits out — you know, you get a little crazy.”

He also talked about his new, more muscular body, and when asked if he’d been getting more attention from gay men, he said “I think so! Probably, yeah. I’m seeing it just through DMs.”

But Joe, what do you see in those DMs from men who find you attractive?!

“I bet you could take a wild guess,” he laughed. “It’s all over the map, from selfies to you-know-what.”

“It’s funny, too, because you can’t really tell what people are sending because everything now is blurred out, and I like to read some of the DMs and hear stories.”

“Sometimes there are crazy ones,” he said, “and it’s just straight nudity. You have to just find something good in it — or laugh, depending on what it is.”

Aww, Joe, it’s OK! You can specify that you get dick pics, no one will get mad!

But thankfully, he’s pretty cool about it: “We have a lot of gay fans, and we love that they’re so supportive, so hey, if that makes them happy, it’s all good.”

Then the interviewer brought up the fact that a lot of people think Joe himself is gay. When asked why people think that, he said “I don’t know the real answer to it.”

Joe Jonas and DNC: CTV The Social Talk Show Appearance
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But still, “I don’t have an issue with it. I think it’s a compliment. I have a lot of gay fans. It’s not like it bothers me.”

“Some people handle it differently, but at the end of the day, I’m cool with it and think it’s kind of funny … You know, it’s probably because I’m in touch with my feminine side.”

“Look,” he explained, “I love fashion; I love to dress well. I love certain things like that. And I have a lot of gay friends as well, so that could probably point them in that direction.”

“But again, the gay community is something that is close to my heart, so I don’t mind. Hey, if they wanna think I’m gay, it’s fun.”

You’re OK sometimes, Joe Jonas.