Tomi Lahren Meets with Trevor Noah, Has Slept with at Least One Black Guy

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On Wednesday night, conservative commentator Tomi Lahren sat down across from Trevor Noah as a guest on The Daily Show.

The interview generated a great deal of online buzz, as Lahren and Noah battled it out over such topics as Donald Trump, the KKK (Lahren has some opinions on that group...) and whether Black Lives actually Matter.

But while most social media users quickly took sides after the interview (which we've posted below) aired, both Lahren and Noah did something rarely seen in this political climate:

They acted cordial to each other online.

Tomi Lahren and Trevor Noah

For real!

Soon after the back-and-forth went viral, Noah Tweeted the following:

Thank you for being my guest Tomi. Our goal should be to destroy these “bubbles” not each other. You’re always welcome on my show.

Lahren then replied:

To my fans: Trevor Noah is not a douche or a jerk. To Trevor’s fans: I’m not a bitch or c*nt. We are people with opposing views. That’s it.

noah tweet

Moreover, Lahren and Noah actually met up last night at The Bowery Hotel in New York City.

In person. To talk more about their differences of opinion.

It's true. Cameras caught the two sitting down for a drink and, we presume, a discussion of what happened the evening before. Perhaps they even talked about a follow-up appearance by Lahren.

Or Noah appearing on her program on The Blaze, which is some kind of cable network.

As far as we know, no drinks were thrown and voices were not raised. 

Crazy, right? A calm, rational, reasonable discussion about the issues facing this great country of ours?

TMZ caught up with Lahren after she caught up with Noah and asked for her thoughts on their discussion, prompting Lahren to say she and Noah still don't see eye-to-eye on very much.

But that doesn't mean they can't be friends.

And that doesn't mean she blames Noah at all for how the question-and-answer segment went. She knew what she was getting into when she agreed to be a guest and she seems to believe in the maxim that all publicity is good publicity.

Tomi Lahren Photo

As for the question of whether she would ever date a black man?

Or whether she has ever dated a black man, as raised by Charlamagne in THIS VIDEO?

Lahren laughed. She played coy. But she did not deny that it has happened and did not deny that it could happen in the future.

She actually gave the TMZ cameraman a great deal of her time as she walked down the sidewalk.

So while Tomi Lahren doesn't think that Black Lives Matter, she seems to believe that black penises sometimes matter behind closed doors...

Did you catch her controversial appearance on The Daily Show?

Do you think Lahren got the best of Noah? Or Noah got the best of Lahren?

And should more more conservatives and liberals sit down for these kinds of conversations on TV? Would it help a divided electorate heal?

These are all fascinating questions. We didn't expect Lahren and Noah to be the two people who would prompt us to ask them.

But watch the interview and then comment away below... respectfully, please!

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