Jenelle Evans: I TOLD You Nathan Griffith Was Bad News!

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Jenelle Evans, in case you haven't heard, has this terrible habit of getting with guys who have been arrested for domestic assault.

Hey, when you have a type ...

Jenelle Evans Gaze

During her time on Teen Mom 2, Jenelle's been engaged to Gary Head, married to Courtland Rogers, engaged to Nathan Griffith, and in a long term relationship with David Eason.

Every single one of those dudes? Yep, arrested for domestic assault.

As a bonus, all of them but David have been arrested for assaulting Jenelle specifically.

The only guy that isn't on that tragic list is the infamous Kieffer Delp. But don't worry, he's been arrested a few times too, but mostly for drug stuff.

He's also the one who introduced Jenelle to heroin, so yes, he's still awful.

But these days Jenelle is with David, and she likes to say that she's with a "real man," because who cares who he's hit before as long as he's not hitting her now, right?

David Eason Holds Jenelle Evans Bump VMAs 2016

And since Jenelle is way up on her domestic violence-free high horse, she feels totally comfortable just bashing the hell out of Nathan Griffith, her former fiance and the father of her second child, two-year-old Kaiser.

Honestly, good for her on that one -- Nathan is the worst, and he's currently wanted by police for assaulting his sometimes-girlfriend, Jessica Henry.

According to Jessica, she and Nathan were talking over the weekend about getting back together, but then they got to an argument. They still ended up going to her home, and that's when things got physical.

Jessica's roommate told police that she saw Nathan "pinning the victim down on the bed," and Jessica herself said that Nathan choked her until she couldn't breathe, and that she was in "extreme pain."

(If that sounds familiar, that's because it is: Nathan's been arrested for choking this girl once before.)

Nathan Griffith Mugshot

Jessica and the roommate were able to get him out of the house, and he left before police arrived, hence his "wanted" status.

And while this is obviously horrible for Jessica, Jenelle can probably see the silver lining here: after all, she's trying to get sole custody of Kaiser, so this will surely help her case, right?

So you know she's been running her mouth on Twitter about it.

She actually started talking about Nathan just before his latest domestic assault.

When someone on Twitter accused her of keeping Kaiser from Nathan, she stated that "Over and above all my child's safety is most important. We will leave it at that."

Over the weekend, another person told Jenelle that Nathan was with the girlfriend and "clearly not worrying about" spending time with his son" -- according to their current custody arrangement, Nathan is supposed to have Kaiser three weekends a month.

Nathan Griffith With Kaiser

"Of course," she responded. "And they aren't supposed to be around each other. There's a no contact order and he has pending felony charges from her against him."

When someone told Jenelle to mind her business, she hit back with "So if Nathan has kai and hanging it with her and he gets arrested... that would be bad right? This is why I care."

It actually makes sense that Jenelle would be worried about this -- and in hindsight, she was obviously correct -- but still, people accused her of being too concerned with Nathan's love life.

"You're funny if you think he's on my mind at all lol," she said. "My son's safety is, trust me."

One wise soul brought up the fact that David had been in pretty much the exact same situation as Nathan -- arrested for assault, not allowed to see his son -- but poor Jenelle wasn't having it.

Jenelle in Pain

"What do u mean?" she asked. "He was found not guilty and his ex wrote him a letter telling him how sorry she was for lying about him in court."

"There's soooo much you guys don't even know it's funny lol we just don't post every little thing anymore, no need. My business not yours."

"There's actually like 5-15 letters total if you must know," she added, "so guess she didn't hate David too bad."

And then, after someone told her about Nathan's latest wrongdoings, she wrote "Exactly why I said I need to keep Kaiser safe."

"Point proven."

Savor being the good parent while you can, Jenelle. Goodness knows it won't last too long.

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