Jenelle Evans: Fearing For Son's Health, Feuding with Nathan Griffith?

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Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans is constantly making headlines for stressful situations related to her children, and this one is no exception. 

Nathan n' Jenelle

Already the mother of two little boys and currently pregnant with a little girl, the Carolina Hurrican is constantly in and out of courtrooms.

To wit, she's currently battling Nathan Griffith for custody over her younger son, Kaiser, following a recent string of alarming allegations.

Wild allegations between Jenelle and Nathan, who were once engaged, have been traded, and heated, since their split last summer.

Shortly after they split, Griffith returned to the resident they shared with his new girlfriend; Evans was arrested for assaulting Jessica Henry.

Jenelle was accused of throwing a glass at Nathan's significant other, although eventually, Evans was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing.

Nathan and Jenelle Evans

While things have improved since (the bar was set very low), there's still an enormous amount of tension between Kaiser's parents.

Jenelle, who is expecting a girl with David Eason, has been sharing pregnancy news but is typically keeping a relatively low profile.

Sure, she deals with allegations of taking her son out in a hurricane or letting him play near a bonfire, but by her standards? Uneventful.

Griffith, on the other hand, reacted to her pregnancy with indignation and seems to delight in every chance he gets to diss her since.

While she hasn't stooped to that level, she has expressed concerns about Kaiser's safety with his own father, and is headed to court.

Tweet from JE

The above tweet speaks volumes about the situation.

Right now, things are tense between them, and Evans is not hiding that fact, though she's also refrained from mentioning Nathan by name.

She hasn't called him out or made any public allegations about what he is or is not doing, but is letting her actions speak for themselves.

Rather, she says she wants to keep Kaiser safe and she is willing to do whatever it takes for that to happen, even if she gets flak for it.

So what's going on with Nathan, exactly?

Nathan and Jenelle Pic

Back when the couple first called off their engagement, they reached a deal in which Jenelle was given primary physical custody of their son.

Now she's seeking sole custody.

According to court documents, Jenelle claims Nathan told her that his "mental health is not stable and that he is unable to care for" Kai. 

She also alleges that "he has plans to move out of the country in the near future" and is dealing with "multiple pending criminal charges."

What's more, Jenelle was informed, reports indicate, that Nathan has "a substance abuse issue and is unable to care for the minor child."

Griffith "does not have a suitable and healthy home environment" and moreover, "does not regularly exercise his visitation with the minor child."

This is all just borderline tragic.

At a time when Jenelle is 33 weeks pregnant and preparing to welcome her third child into the world, nothing about her situation is stable.

Yes, she's in a committed relationship with David Eason and we can hope, against all hope, that this continues on a positive trajectory.

She already has one baby daddy who's completely MIA and looks to be aiming to replicate that here, however, under the circumstances.

Stay tuned and pray for her.

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