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Shhhh… be quiet for a second.

Listen closely, okay?

Can you hear them? Can you at least hear them on the horizon?

We’re referring to wedding bells, specifically wedding bells associated with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Because it really does seem as though we may soon be hearing them ring.

Meghan Markle in Blue
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Markle and Harry met in May in Toronto.

The Suits star proceeded to take many trips to London over the summer, refraining from actually mentioning her new boyfriend by name in her Instagram captions.

But word of their romance leaked to the press a few weeks ago, followed by an actual statement from Prince Harry that confirmed the relationship because he asked the public to stop harassing Markle online.

He referred to the brunette as his "girlfriend" in this statement.

Since then, Markle has taken a break from filming Suits in order to deal with her overwhelming fame.

She’s actually staying in Kesington Palace at the moment, as far as we know.

So, yes, the relationship is very serious. But a pair of new reports emphasize just how serious.

First, the half-brother of Markle spoke to Grazia magazine and said he can "absolutely picture" a "royal wedding" taking place between Harry and his relative.

“Meghan has worked so hard to get to where she is now, and to be able to meet someone who is compatible is every girl’s dream," Thomas Markle said, asking:

"Who wouldn’t want that?"

It’s a good question.

And then there’s a new People Magazine article in which someone close to Markle says the actress is “head over heels” for the royal stud and is “doing everything she can to make the relationship work."

How would this friend sum up this romance?

"It’s been an absolute fairy tale for Meghan.”

It’s also been a whirlwind for her, as this anonymous pal says Meghan is trying to deal with all the fame and attention and stress by being more private.

She has not shared anything on Instagram in awhile.

Prince Harry in Blue
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“She’s trying to figure out how to scale back what she puts out there about her life, including her social media and her website,” says the friend of Markle, who still runs her lifestyle website The Tig.

“If she had to leave all that she’s doing in order for the relationship to work, she would without hesitation."

Markle would still be involved in a handful of charitable endeavors, don’t get this friend wrong.

But she places her personal life above her professional life.

"It’s a very serious relationship and she wants a future with Harry," concludes Markle’s pal.

This is so exciting! Can the world handle another royal wedding? Especially one that centers on an American bride?

We hope we get the chance to find out.