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Where is Olivia Pope when you need her?

That’s what fans of the hit TV series, Scandal are wondering in the wake of Donald Trump being elected President of the United States

Scandal centers around Olivia Pope and her firm as she tries to fix things for the rich and famous. 

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope

A notable storyline on the ABC series followed Olivia and other characters as they rigged an election in order to get the person they wanted elected. 

The storyline went down a storm with both viewers and critics. It was round about the time the series went from being a low rated series, to one of the top rated dramas on television. 

With Donald Trump being elected president, Demi Lovato seemed to confirm she was a fan of the series and wanted Kerry Washington’s fictional character to fix what had happened. 

Have a look at the tweet below:

Demi Lovato Olivia Pope Tweet

It’s pretty bizarre because Olivia is a fictional character, so there’s like zero chance of her being able to change anything that went down.

It is great that people are at least seeing the lighter side of things in the wake of the election.

The whole world was taken by surprise the way it all went down. 

Absolutely no one thought Trump was going to emerge victorious to Hillary Clinton.

I mean, it’s crazy, but it should be interesting to see how his reign plays out. 

Lovato was not the only celebrity to ask for Olivia Pope’s help. Ash vs. Evil Dead star, Dana DeLorenzo also asked for some help from Olivia. 

Dana DeLorenzo Olivia Pope Tweet

We know Olivia is not real, but it really shows just how much impact one character can have on events.

Kerry Washington was in total shock at the character trending on Twitter. 

She was very quick to disappoint fans by schooling them on the fact that her alter ego is not real. 

She had the most honest response, but it clearly will not have been enough to help people change their mind on the results. 

Ever since Scandal Season 5 concluded in May, fans have been clamoring for more.

However, the show was pushed to mid-season for Season 6 due to Washington’s pregnancy. 

Watch Scandal Season 5 Episode 21 Online
Watch Scandal Season 5 Episode 21 Online

When the show returns in January, we will get the result of the fictional election that was taking place at the close of the season finale. 

ABC will no doubt be ecstatic with the free publicity for the show because it was sagging in the ratings last spring.

Would you like Olivia Pope to find a way to change the election results?

Sound off in the comments!