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Juding by a tweet sent out last night, Calvin Harris is done feuding with Taylor Swift

Or maybe he’s just trying to get back in her pants. 

You know. 

Calvin Harris Snubs Taylor Swift In Acceptance Speech

Harris tweeted, "I am blessed to work with incredible artists @rihanna @taylorswift13 thank you!!!"  

He shared his own update after retweeting an item that read, "This Is What You Came For is the only song released this year to be certified 2x platinium in the UK congrats @CalvinHarris and @rihanna!" 

Somebody’s excited, and for Harris to single Taylor out, when her participation in the production was muted to begin with, speaks volumes. 

Recently, Taylor was reported to be pregnant, and judging by some photos we saw of her, we’re wondering if it’s true. 

And if Harris is, indeed, the father … since he’s being so forward in making a public reconciliation with Taylor, whether for business or pleasure. 

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Earlier this week, a source reportedly close to Swift revealed, "Taylor Swift’s circle is buzzing with word that the good-girl singer – who’s currently single – is pregnant."

The source continued and said that her emotions have been in a spiral, and that she had been avoiding alcohol at all costs as of late. 

Those are some pretty big indicators, right? 

It was also reported that Taylor did put on some weight, which was "totally out of character" for her, and that she’s "eating twice as much." 

Oh snap. 

Two kale smoothies instead of one. 

Taylor Swift New Baby Bump Photo
(Getty Images)

That does look like a bump, though, right? 

And not just extra greenery?

The source continued, and claimed that they’d put their money on Calvin Harris as the father, and never before has it been more evident that Harris is trying to mend fences. 

And maybe uterine family ties. 

The source said that they estimated Taylor to be "a few months along," and wouldn’t that be something else? 

Taylor Swift Tom Hiddleston Split Photo
(Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images, Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for AMC)

If that were the case, then Tom Hiddleston would have been nothing but a glorified jump-off … not that we’re saying he was a bad jump-off or anything. 

If we had to put money on it, too, we’d have to go with Calvin.  

Only one thing is certain: it looks like Harris is trying to get back in Swift’s good graces … and it just might be for the sake of an unborn baby.  


Or something?