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Will the residents of Mystic Falls ever find happiness?

That was a key question on The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Episode 3 when Sybil put a plan in motion to get Damon and Enzo away from the ladies in their lives. 

Sybil Takes Control of Enzo
(The CW)

We kicked things off with Sybil changing the memory of the car crash that killed Elena’s parents. It was a heartbreaking scene, that signaled the return of Liz Forbes. 

Sybil made Damon think Elena died in the car crash, but Damon didn’t care because Sybil had already wiped her from existence in his memory. 

Sybil then tried to get Enzo to switch off his humanity, but she quickly realized she would need to take Bonnie out of the equation if she had any hope of taking the two men on as her soldiers. 

Caroline and Bonnie were in a bridal store, trying to find dresses for the wedding, but Damon showed up and ruined the fun. Caroline managed to overpower him, and they made their escape. 

Damon and Enzo Fight to the Death
(The CW)

The two friends hit up the Salvatore mansion, but Stefan had already removed the weapons so the house was not full of hazards for the kids. 

Stefan was busy working with Alaric to try and find a way to take Sybil down, but things were pretty awkward between them. 

Stefan got a phone call to go meet Damon, but he was scared Damon was going to try trick him into something. 

When they met up, Damon asked Stefan to help him, but he couldn’t reveal what the plan was. When he opened his trunk, Enzo was unconscious. 

Sybil showed up at the Salvatore mansion and told Caroline and Bonnie that Damon would be fighting to the death with Enzo and the winner would be her soldier. 

Sybil was being surprisingly civil with the two ladies. It seemed like the two of them were going to die, but Sybil let them in on the plan. They set off for the fight, but Bonnie got sick of Sybil and put her through the windscreen of the car. 

When they got to the fight, Sybil arrived and told the two men to stop fighting, before turning Enzo’s humanity switch off. She then gave Bonnie a head start to run off before Damon caught her. 

Sybil Takes Control of Enzo
(The CW)

Alaric stepped in with the pitchfork and hit it. It made Sybil fall to the ground and the team swooped in to kidnap her. They succeeded, but she could still contact Damon from the armory. 

Damon then set off to cause a world of destruction. He went for Tyler Lockwood and actually murdered him. You guys, Damon is completely freaking crazy. 

There’s really no turning back from what he’s done now and even Alaric thinks that saving him is a lost cause. Sybil may be captured, but she still has a whole lot of control. 

Bonnie is now faced with the tough task of trying to get Enzo back to being good, but will she really manage to save him?

I mean, we’re only three episodes into the final season, so there’s still a lot of story left to tell. 

It sure seems like Stefan and Alaric could have a bond as strong as Dalaric, but we’ll need to wait and see how the rest of the season plays out. 

Hit the comments below with your take on the events. 

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