Brielle Biermann: Getting Married to Michael Kopech?!

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The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, apparently. 

Brielle Biermann, doppenganger daughter of Kim Zolciak, opened up in a concerning interview with ET Online and Brielle said that her boyfriend, Michael Kopech, is "the one." 

Kim Zolciak and Brielle Biermann duckface

About her baseballer beau, Biermann explained how the two first met: through a mutual friend. 

The relationship was cultivated through social media, and man, what a world we live in these days. 

Kopech is a minor league Red Sox pitcher, and about their first meeting, Biermann said, "He flew me out to him and we hung out and had a really good time." 

"We just connected." 

Brielle Biermann on the Phone

They apparently share the same demure interests in things, which is to say no interests. 

"We're both calm and don't really like to hang out with other people, or talk to other people," she insisted. 

"He would never want to go out to party." 

"[Kopech's] all about me!" she gushed. 

Being that Kopech is just 20 years old, we're pretty sure that's going to change over the next year or so. 

Brielle Biermann and Michael Kopech Photo

Brielle said that the couple's relationship is more of a long-distance one, being that he travels so much with baseball, but that when they do get together, it's all magic and rose petals. 

Like, literally. 

"[Our last date included] rose petals, hearts, and candles," Brielle revealed, and said that she thinks he's "the one." 

Oh, girl

Sweet, naive, 19-year-old little girl ... we've all been there. 

Brielle Zolciak-Biermann Michael Kopech Photo

About her "one," she said that she definitely wants to get married and have children, and wants to be done procreating by the time she's 28 years old. 

... Tick, tick, tick. 

"I want to have all my kids by the time I'm 28," she said. 

"If I have a boy and a girl, then I'm set." 

"That's it," Brielle claimed. 

She also revealed that Kopech has some jealous tendencies, which is a pretty normal thing for a 20-year-old boy to exhibit. 

Brielle Biermann middle finger

Brielle said, "Some boys comment really gross things on my photos and my boyfriend will get pissed and comment back, like, 'Get the f--k out of here!' "  

"He gets frustrated with them more than I do." 

"I'm like, 'Who cares?' I kinda like it; you're all giving me compliments and I'm like, 'Well thanks, here's some positivity for once!' "  

"Maybe I should post more bikini photos," she mused, ever like her plastic surgery-loving Ma Dukes, Kim.

"People seem to like those a lot more than my face!" she laughed. 

Ha ha ha, we're laughing too, because gosh, what's funnier than objectivity?  

Brielle Biermann lips

Good grief, girl, grow a brain cell or six while you're growing those boobs and lips, why don't you. 

Your baseball boyfriend is playing the field - literally - so you might as well, too. 

Not literally. 

But literally, too. 

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