Katie Holmes: Pregnant by Jamie Foxx?!?

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Earlier this month, Katie Holmes gave fans a look at what Suri Cruise looks like now.

It was a rare occurrence of the private actress opening up her life a bit and letting the public in.

But might it also have been a precursor to a pretty big announcement?

Might this glimpse at Holmes' first child be a way of Katie setting us up to welcome another one off her kids into the world in 2017? 

Katie Holmes is Cute

We can't help but wonder after seeing the latest OK! Weekly cover story, which screams in no uncertain terms:


The father, according to this rarely reliable tabloid, is Jaime Foxx, who Holmes has quietly been dating for years now. No, apparently they have not broken up.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

As you can see below, anonymous insiders claim the pregnancy is "official," with Holmes allegedly excited because her "life" is now "complete" and with Suri even chiming in on her future sibling.

She wants her to be named Violet. What a priceless tidbit.

Katie Holmes Pregnant Claim

The feature story makes the following claim:

“Secretly dating for three years, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are finally making plans to become a real family.”

According to the article, although the celebrities “have never confirmed their relationship,” now “that’s all about to change” because Holmes recently made a “big announcement” at a dinner party.

She was reportedly so darn psyched to do so that she barely got the words out.

“Her friends say Katie was positively glowing and could barely conceal her excitement," reads this totally believable report.

"Word is, she confessed to the small group gathered there that she’s almost three months pregnant with Jamie’s baby.

"The buzz is that when Katie told Jamie that she was pregnant, he was ecstatic. Their friends say he’s thrilled to be moving forward after all this time together.”

Holmes and Foxx have never been photographed together on the red carpet.

After the circus of her marriage to Tom Cruise, Holmes has kept a very low profile for a long time now.

Not that we can blame her.

Suri Cruise Snuggles Katie Holmes

But that may all change if Holmes is truly expecting and if Foxx is truly planning to make an honest woman of her as a result.

“Word is they’re planning to tie the knot,” the magazine writes of Katie and Jaime, adding:

“No one’s sure yet whether it’ll be a quickie ceremony or a big to-do.”

Our guess: neither. Because we don't exactly buy the validity of this whole story.

If we're wrong, hey... we'll be the first one to congratulate Holmes and Foxx. We love babies. We find them to be adorable.

But only if they're real.

And because Holmes isn't even allowed to date until next year anyway, we don't see any way she's actually pregnant.

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