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It’s been over a month since we first learned that Amber Portwood was recovering from plastic surgery and avoiding the limelight until she felt ready to show off the results.

The reveal was a gradual one, with Amber sharing her post-surgery look with fans first in a series of selfies that showed off her new look from the waist up.

Amber Portwood Plastic Surgery Photo

Over the past few weeks, Amber has made several public appearances, including one at the annual Teen Mom reunion where she reportedly fought Farrah Abraham.

Yes, she’s literally back to fighting shape, so we figured it wouldn’t be long before Amber showed off the full results of her "mommy makeover" procedures.

She posted the following photo to Instagram last night:

Amber Portwood Plastic Surgery Image

It remains unclear as the just what her "makeover" consisted of, but it’s believed that Amber underwent a boob job and tummy tuck.

Fans have also noticed that her face looks somewhat different, but Amber hasn’t revealed just what she had done above the neck.

The girl isn’t exactly the type to jealously guard her privacy, so we’re sure all will be revealed at some point.

In the meantime, Amber is soaking up the praise on social media: 

Amber Portwood Mommy Makeover Photo

"You look great girl, you’re a true inspiration!" wrote one Instagram follower

"You look fabulous," commented another.

Other than to confirm that she has gone under the knife, Amber has said little about her cosmetic procedures or her recovery time.

Of course, she’s certainly not alone when in terms of Teen Mom stars who have undergone surgical "enhancements."

Amber Portwood Shows Off Yet Another New Haircuit

Yesterday, we learned that Amber’s salary tops out at more than half a million a year just for shooting new episodes of the show.

That doesn’t include other revenue streams that are available to her, such as promoting products on social media, which likely earns her an additional six figures.

Amber and her co-stars make a lot of money and take a ton of flak from online trolls, so it’s not hard to see why they’re willing to shell out big bucks to "fix" what they perceive to be physical defects.

We just hope the decision to make these changes is prompted by a desire for all-around self-improvement, and not by low self-esteem.