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Amber Portwood started from the bottom, found a new bottom, and now she’s here.

She’s basically Drake, if Drake had gone to prison for drug possession instead of starring on a Canadian soap opera.

Amber Portwood Mommy Makeover Photo

Yes, it’s been a twisty path to success for Amber but new revelations about her Teen Mom: OG salary remind us that she’s doing just fine these days.

It seems the reason that Amber had no difficulty posting $5,000 bail for her 2011 arrest is that she’s freakin’ loaded thanks to her deal with MTV.

A report from the Today show’s website (Hey, even the legit news media needs a break from talking about Donald Trump’s presidency) reveals what Amber was paid over that year.

Spoiler alert: It was not a small amount.

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Amber made $280,000 that year!

And has probably increased that significantly – possibly several-fold – in the years since, given the show’s surge in popularity. 

The exact salaries of the TM: OG girls is unknown, but sources say their salaries were doubled for returning to the network that made them famous.

So even if that’s an exaggeration, it’s safe to say Ms. Portwood is making in the neighborhood if half a million dollars a year just from appearing on the show.

On top of that, sources close to the Indiana native estimate that she likely earns another six figures just from social media promotions.

What a time to be alive, no?

Amber and Matt on Instagram

If you watch Teen Mom online, you know that the big bucks earned by the ladies has somewhat lessened the drama, or at least changed it.

Their financial struggles – making ends meet as young kids trying to raise kids of their own – used to be at the heart of the show.

Now, for all the serious ups and downs they undoubtedly go through, they’re celebrities in their own right and being paid like it. 

But based on the ratings, fans don’t seem to mind.

The current season of the MTV hit showed Amber buying a new house in an upscale neighborhood with controversial fiance Matt Baier.

Yes, she’s planning to marry Matt Baier, the alleged deadbeat dad of seven (or eight, or nine, depending on what you read) by six different women.

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier selfie

So if you sometimes find yourself longing for the old days, when the ladies of Teen Mom: OG struggled to pay rent, you may be in luck.

Amber continues to make bad decisions, and the choice to anchor herself to a broke-ass opportunist could cost her everything.

Obviously, we would never wish anything like that for her, but it could make for some to-notch television when the whole thing blows up in her face.

Don’t worry, with the kind of scratch Amber is earning over the past couple of years, she’ll recover from that setback in no time at all.

How does her paycheck compare to other stars of the genre? Click through the gallery below, because the answer may surprise you: