Adam Lind and Stasia Huber: Is It Already Over?!

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Teen Mom 2's Adam Lind and Stasia Huber got engaged in May, and pretty much ever since, the status of their relationship has been questioned.

Not for altogether ridiculous reasons, either.

Adam Lind and Fiancee

In addition to the fact that someone got engaged to Adam Lind (at all), he changed his Facebook status to “Single,” which is ... interesting.

The two stopped posting about each other on social media, as well, as rumors began to circulate that Lind split from Huber over Chelsea Houska.

And/or because he's a serial cheater, depending on what you read.

There was also an unsubstantiated but hilarious rumor that Stasia got pregnant and Adam knew it wasn’t his baby because he had a vasectomy.

In any case, the lack of social media updates was pretty much the only thing fans could point to as evidence (term used loosely) of strife.

Adam and Stasia have addressed that head on now, however ...

Adam Lind Will Fight Your Ass

Stasia posted the above screen shot of a text conversation between Adam and one of her would-be suitors on the Internet before Thanksgiving.

“Guess this is why guys don’t try and talk to me anymore,” Stasia joked, adding that “Lol this guy never replied and got blocked.”

Adam, meanwhile, posted a video of Stasia playing with his bulldog Gemma, then responded to fan concerns about his daughters and the dog:

"Lol ok … ur making pounced sound like a tiger catching it’s dinner …. my puppy was simply playing … they play with my kids like this all the time."

"Now if any dog were to knock my kid down and attack (not pounce) bet ur ass that dog would get thrown 30ft weather it was my dog or not."

"But if you know bulldogs they are scared of their own farts."

"[They] couldn’t even hurt a fly … it’s safe to say I’d leave both my bulldogs alone in a room with my kids for hrs on end."

"Chances are the first ones to come running out in fear or pain would be the dogs before the children lol no joke …"

Adam Lind, Fiancee Stasia Huber

Stasia also posted a photo of Adam and daughter Paislee (with Taylor Halbur) and a video of Aubree (his daughter with Chelsea Houska).

Posting about Paislee and Aubree isn't something she does often, but she explained online: "These are moments to be shared."

"I have been with these two beautiful girls and this man for about 2 years now and it makes me sad when no one else gets to see these moments."

"Both of these girls come to me when they get sad or need something. They will tell me about the things they like and what’s going on with them."

"Regardless of any ill feelings anyone may have, this is my life and these are the most precious moments we hold onto."

"I have refrained from sharing anything with Aubree and Paislee in them out of respect for their mothers for a long time now."

Adam Lind Showers Daughter With Gifts

"I dedicate 100% of my time and care to these 3 and my family and friends can testify to that.This is my life and they have become a part of it."

"There is no reason these moments shouldn’t be shared."

As for rumors that Lind cheats on Huber repeatedly?

Stasia actually addressed that as well, responding:

“Adam wouldn’t do that to me. He blocks and deletes all the girls and guys who send him nudes or explicit messages.”

Lind responded to accusations of sexting and flirting with fans online by ... sort of admitting he does, just to f--k around.


Adam Lind with Stasia Huber

“Usually when I get dirty message from some wh0re looking for attention I make sure they get it :)” the Teen Mom 2 star wrote.

“As in I’ll play along for about 5 min then clown the f**k out of them and make em feel like they deserve.”

Stasia then posted side-by-side photos (above) with Adam, in which he is “snap chatting wh0res and making fun of them,” in his words.

Well ... there you have it.

To each their own, right? Not exactly our idea of fun, but hey, if that's what makes the couple happy, who are we to judge?

Follow the link to watch Teen Mom 2 online and tell us if you think Adam's latest romantic relationship can possibly last ...

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