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Is Britney Spears getting up close in personal with Sam Asghari?

It certainly seems that way. 

Spears and Asghari both met on the set of her Slumber Party music video.

Sam Asghari & Britney Spears Getting Close

Yeah, he’s the dude she crawls over a table to get to in one of the her most risqué music videos to date. 

The song and the accompanying music video has served as a fantastic return to form for the pop star after Make Me… failed to light up the charts.

Asghari is a personal trainer and looks pretty great. 

Britney Spears Attends 2016 MTV VMAs

He shared a picture of himself with Britney out for food over the weekend.

The most telling thing about all of it is that the picture was swiftly deleted from his account.

Britney Spears Glowing at Music Choice

I mean, it’s like they’re trying to conceal their relationship, or something. 

The two of them look super cute in the picture. It is odd seeing them without all of the makeup and effects on the video. 

The pair look considerably different, but they do look happy. There’s no official confirmation that they are actually dating, but it sure seems like they are. 

The seem pretty close in the picture, but then again, they probably got to know each other a lot while filming Slumber Party.

Britney Spears VMAs 2016 Red Carpet

Spears has not had the best of luck with men in recent years, so there’s every reason to believe she could be keeping this relationship quiet to ensure it takes off. 

There was some rumblings earlier in the year that Spears could be romancing G-Eazy, but those claims were quickly put to bed when it emerged that he was in a relationship. 

The relationship claims with G-Eazy came after their MTV VMAs performance in which it looked like the rapper was leaning in for a kiss with Britney. 

Britney Spears Refuses G-Eazy Kiss

It should be interesting to find out how all of this plays out. 

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Have a look at the full video for Slumber Party:

Britney Spears Video Released: Watch, Drool Here!