Adam Lind and Stasia Huber: Engagement Confirmed!

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Teen Mom 2's Adam Lind is engaged to his girlfriend, Stasia Huber.

This has finally been confirmed by the lucky (?) woman herself!

Stasia Huber and Adam Lind

While Adam has yet to address reports that he is engaged to Stasia Huber, she recently confirmed that she is, indeed, engaged to Lind.

She even showed off their rings to prove it. Check 'em out:

Adam Lind Engagement Rings

According to Stasia’s recent Facebook post, Adam proposed May 13 (though they kept the engagement private until she just confirmed it).

As for the details of Lind getting down on one knee, etc.?

“I’d say but I don’t want to embarrass him,” Stasia wrote.

“If he wants to tell it he can," Huber added, and we're not holding our breath, but "just know it had me in tears and was crazy and perfect.”

Aww. Adam Lind is nothing if not a true romantic.

Apparently, the proposal wasn’t a huge surprise to Stasia, who stated that she picked out her engagement ring (which explains a lot).

“I got exactly what I wanted,” Stasia wrote, and when one is dating Adam Lind, the only way to guarantee such a thing is to do it yourself.

Sorry, we'll stop. Chelsea Houska knows what we're talking about, though. Taylor Halbur, too. We're not being haters, just stating facts.

Anyway, Stasia is over the moon, and defended Lind against critics who said her diamond wasn't large enough (seriously, people are idiots).

Yes, it could've been bigger, she said - but this was her call.

“Any bigger would have been too much for me,” Stasia wrote.

“I spent weeks looking at styles and knew exactly what I wanted… I tried on bigger ones and it looked gaudy on my small hands."

"I actually got a little bigger than I originally picked," she adds, but not as a status thing, simply "because this diamond was shinier.”

This is the first engagement for both Adam and Stasia.

It's not clear if the proposal was captured by MTV cameras, but given reports of Lind getting fired from Teen Mom 2, we'd kind of doubt it.

Yes, he is very much involved in the new season, but is being such a pain in the a$$ that we can see him not allowing this to be filmed.

We'll find out in any case whether it was filmed ... and, while we don't like to be skeptics on such a happy occasion, if they make it to the altar.

Given his track record ...

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