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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Stevie J, a.k.a. Steven Jordan, is suing ex-partner Joseline Hernandez for defamation, a new report indicates.

At issue? 

Her repeated, ridiculous accusations about his personal life and (allegedly) sordid behavior re: Satan, gay porn and child molestation.

Joseline and Stevie

If you missed it, the (allegedly) pregnant Joseline and Stevie split up earlier this year, at which point she said he molested his daughter

Stevie, who has been taken to court multiple times for unpaid child support, has a child with co-star Mimi Faust – the child in question.

Joseline also says Stevie is a deadbeat, and a devil-worshipper, and that she passed a lie detector test proving he watches gay porn.

Suffice it to say, there’s no love lost between them, regardless of whether he’s the father of her unborn child, which remains up in the air.

Or if the alleged child inside her is real, for that matter.

Joseline Baby Bump

More on the aforementioned baby bump in a sec.

According to Stevie J, Joseline has been on a non-stop smear campaign against him, and has even enlisted a former nanny for reinforcements.

Stevie J claims that the nanny is posting similar, outrageous and defamatory allegations about him social media, at Joseline’s direction.

These aren’t run-of-the-mill claims, either.

To hear Stevie tell it, Joseline went so far as to call the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services, accusing him of sexual abuse.

Joseline and Steven Jordan

She frequently makes incendiary claims about him to her 1.9 million followers on Twitter, but she’s also an unhinged pathological liar.

Is Stevie J an upstanding citizen? That’s up for debate, but we can certainly say we do not trust what Josie says at face value … ever.

When she gets the DFCS involved, however, that’s taking it to another level; Stevie J says that’s what prompted his defamation lawsuit.

Her repeated slander and harassment has damaged his reputation and exposed him to public hatred and ridicule, the producer states.

Stevie’s suing Joseline in search of damages … and more immediately, in hopes that a judge will force her to shut her damn yap ASAP.

Now, as for that baby …

Joseline Hernandez Bathroom Selfie

There’s been talk of Joseline faking her pregnancy from the get-go, and if there’s any celebrity we can see attempting that, she’d be it.

Seriously, with her track record, it’s almost believable.

In fairness, though, talk of Joseline Hernandez’s fake baby bump seems to be just that – talk. Entertaining talk, for sure, but likely bogus.

Assuming she really is pregnant, and we believe that she is, the bigger mystery is who knocked up the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star.

Right now, the candidates are Stevie J (initially assumed to be the dad, but far from a lock), Young Dro and an unnamed third fella.

It’s as weird as it sounds and then some.

Since splitting from Joseline, Stevie has been dating Faith Evans and trying to avoid talking about Hernandez … for the most part.

So who’s the baby daddy? 

Are Joseline and Young Dro even a thing anymore? And will Stevie claim – or try to avoid claiming – paternity of the little bundle of joy?

Should make for an interesting reveal in the delivery room – or when we watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta online next season – for sure.

VH1 execs? Loving this.