Katie Holmes Goes Makeup Free, Remains Stunning

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Katie Holmes is the latest celebrity to jump on the makeup free bandwagon. 

With the likes of Alicia Keyes and Beyoncé going makeup free, it was inevitable that it would become a trend. 

If you follow Katie Holmes on Instagram, the chances are that you'll have already laid eyes on the beautiful picture of her ditching the makeup

Katie Holmes: 1th Annual Chanel Tribeca Film Festival Artists Dinner

Let's just say that Katie Holmes does NOT look 37-years-old in the snap. 

She looks several years younger and should steer clear of the makeup more often. 

There's word that Katie has been dating Jamie Foxx for the last three years, but she's allegedly not allowed to go public about the relationship. 

Jamie Foxx in black tux

Pretty crazy. Right?

That's all thanks to some of the terms of her divorce to her controlling former husband, Tom Cruise. 

Yes, there's word that she was told she could not date anyone in the public eye for five years after the divorce. 

Katie Holmes Goes Makeup Free, Looks Great

Katie apparently stands to lose $5 million if she does anything to embarrass Tom in public. 

If all of this true then it shows just how controlling Cruise was throughout the relationship. 

Holmes must be ecstatic that the five years is almost up. 

Katie Holmes at MET Gala

Then, she can finally move on with her life.

She's been stuck with Tom's lofty demands for far too long. 

They are pretty huge demands.

Tom Cruise Holds Suri Cruise Katie Holmes Italy

It's not like Cruise bothers to contact his daughter, anyway. 

Yes, there are reports that claim Tom did not have any contact with Suri for almost three years

Hopefully he is not holding his breath to win any father of the year awards, because he's probably all out of luck. 

Tom Cruise: Abandoning Suri?!

Ditching your child is totally not cool.

What do you think about all of this?

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