Joseline Hernandez Baby Bump Photos: Real or Fake?!

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Joseline Hernandez of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is posting baby bump selfies left and right these days, but ... is said bump even real?

Joseline Hernandez: Fake Pregnant?

Her latest Instagram image, which allege the mercurial (or just plain unstable) reality star is six months along, has her fan base buzzing.

However, unlike other recent pics, which seemed to quell speculation that Joseline is faking her pregnancy, this has renewed such talk.

If social media reaction is any indication, observers seem to think Stevie J's ex has actually lost weight, not gained it, in recent weeks.

Others feel her baby bump may have disappeared. We wouldn't go that far, but the above shot is enough to raise eyebrows for some.

Granted, if she weren't a pathological liar and deeply troubled individual, our minds might not go there in the first place. But that's a big if.

Joseline Hernandez Ultrasound

The picture above, accompanied by baby face emoji, has the caption “6 months doe! Ima kill them hoes dead! #girlsgonewild #puertoricanprincess”

Six months doe. Or no?

Contrast it with the previous pregnancy photo Joseline shared, which seemed to put the rumors of her making up this pregnancy to rest.

You can see why, right?

Joseline Baby Bump

This came on the heels of a post in which Joseline offered an update from what appeared to be a doctor’s office, following a check-up.

At least that was the implication.

Joseline shared that photo in mid-August, when Season 5 of her VH1 reality show was winding down, and the pregnancy was a hot topic.

If you watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta online, you know this long-rumored bombshell came out during the reunion ... what a coincidence, right?

That would mean she was four months then, according to her timeline, and Joseline’s personal trainer shared this photo mid-summer.

Here's her training in August:

Joseline Hernandez Training

As you can see, it a little confusing how the bump seems to change sizes from one week to the next ... particularly in the newest photo.

Does she even look pregnant above? You tell us.

The other Joseline Hernandez pregnancy mystery is who the baby daddy is, which only complicates matters (and guarantees big ratings).

Could it be Young Dro, her co-star and recent fling?

For now, that appears to be the most likely (albeit far from certain) scenario among a number of others as the drama intensifies in the ATL.

Those two hooked up while her relationship with Stevie J was imploding, according to rumors that were corroborated by several sources.

Not all sources agree on that, however.

Joseline Hernandez Bathroom Selfie

A mysterious, unidentified Atlanta strip club owner with whom Joseline has been seen in public more than once is also a paternal candidate.

And then, obviously, there's Stevie J.

While Joseline called Stevie J a deadbeat child molester and cut off all ties with him, it was initially assumed that the baby was in fact his.

This was before the Dro rumors, doe.

By this crazy twosome's standards, he's been taking the high road silent on social media of late, but is all about keeping things positive.

His most recent tweet? “Live life while you can, positive energy only.” Inspirational words from Steven Jordan if ever there were some.

And then there's this final wrinkle:

Though Joseline and Stevie J were reportedly fired from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, there is also talk of a potential spinoff in the works.

For both. The plot thickens.

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