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President Obama’s time in office is soon to come to an end, and though the most powerful post in the country surely has its allure, we imagine the man will be somewhat relieved to bid the White House farewell.

For one thing, he’ll no longer have to carry the hopes of the Western world on his shoulders and keep Joe Biden from choking on a Lego.

But while his professional life is about to become much simpler, Barry is currently in the throes of one of the most grey-hair inducing experiences imaginable: raising teenagers in the public eye.

The Hollywood Gossip

Over the summer, reports of Malia Obama smoking pot and generally – gasp! – acting like an 18-year-old stirred up a baffling amount of controversy online.

There were even reports that Malia was headed to rehab.

Obviously, they turned out to be bogus, but that didn’t stop certain media outlets from eagerly pouncing on stories of Malia’s "hard-partying" ways.

But even with the press’ ravenous hunger for political scandal (even Donald Trump can’t satisfy that appetite), Malia is a high school grad and legal adult, so the allegations about her love of weed and booze never really developed into that big of a deal.

That might not prove to be the case with Malia’s younger sister, Sasha.

Sasha Obama Image

Sasha is only 15, but sources say she’s got quite the active social life.

And unfortunately, she lives in an age in which all of her peers are carrying high-res cameras in their pockets at all times.

So perhaps it was only a matter of time before photos of Sasha partying were leaked to the press.

Radar Online claims to have seen those pics (though the site declined to publish them), and they say it appears that the high school sophomore is gettin’ her drink on.

Insiders report that the pics originally appeared on social media with captions reading:

Sasha Obama Closeup

“Taking shots with Sasha Obama” and “When Sasha Obama is at your party.”

They’ve since been deleted for reasons that remain unclear.

Maybe Sasha pulled the "take those pics off of Instagram or I’ll have my dad drone strike your house" card.

Classic move.

Whatever the case, it appears that this thing has been promptly swept under the rug.

But we wouldn’t be surprised if Sasha is grounded for so long that she’s hoping for a Trump victory to bring about the Apocalypse.