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The Obamas seem like cool parents.

We’re sure they didn’t freak out when video of Malia Obama twerking at Lollapalooza emerged online.

And we doubt they’re too pissed about new reports that their eldest daughter was spotted smoking weed at the iconic music fest.

That said, if either of these minute mini-scandals had taken place any earlier – say, before Malia had turned 18 or when her father still had a reelection battle to fight – we can’t help but feel there would be some harsh punishments doled out at 1600 Pennsylvania.

Jerrdin Selwyn, an 18-year-old festival-goer who says she partied with Malia, claims that the First Daughter was puff, puff passing during a set by rapper and R&B artist Bryson Tiller.

"I caught Malia smoking pot and I have the pictures to prove it," Selwyn tells Radar Online. "You could smell the marijuana smoke."

"I saw some young guy hand her a cigarette and she took at least one hit on it," Selwyn continued. "She had it in her hand for about one minute, then gave it back to him."

It’s not the first report of the 18-year-old enjoying the occasional intoxicant.

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Sources say Malia drank and partied during a recent tour of Europe (but only in nations where it was legal for her to imbibe) and she was photographed standing near a beer pong table while visiting Brown University on her college tour.

After a gap year, Malia will attend Harvard in the fall of 2017.

We’re sure those think it might be politically advantageous will seek to make a big deal out of this, but clearly a legal adult taking a hit off a joint at a music fest is no biggie.

And obviously it pales in comparison to reports of Malia working for Lena Dunham.

Just kiddin’, Lena! Kind of…