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Milo Ventimiglia is once again starring on a hit NBC drama.

Unlike his previous NBC drama, however, let’s hope the actor’s latest doesn’t crash, burn and then completely blown up after Season 1.

No offense, Heroes.

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But Ventimiglia plays one half of the couple at the center of This Is Us, an emotional new series that received a full-season order from the network after just one episode.

It tells the story of a husband and a wife, played by Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore, along with their three children.

The catch, however, (SPOILER ALERT!) is that Ventimiglia and Moore’s characters are alive back in the 1970s, while the story being told about their kids takes place in present day.

Viewers average approximately 3.7 hysterical cries per hour, according to a study we just made up.

Sitting down with Miley Cyrus, who was filling in for host Ellen DeGeneres, Ventimiglia spoke today about the appeal of the program.

"It’s got heart. You know what I love about it? It’s hopeful. There’s a whole landscape of you know, aliens invading planets, and scandal, and this is inherently good."

So there’s another SPOILER ALERT, we guess:

No aliens will be invading This Is Us at any point. Not this season at least.

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Moreover, Ventimiglia went on to say of the series, "it’s inclusive… of, like, race and gender, and age and everything. It’s a great show."

Cyrus gave her guest a high-five over this point.

(NOTE: if you need to catch up on this phenomenon, go ahead and watch This Is Us online via our friends at TV Fanatic.)

How does the actor feel about Moore?

"She’s incredible, man," he said on air.

Later on during his appearance, Ventimiglia raised money for Breast Cancer Awareness Month… by stripping down and getting in the Splash Tank.

Check out the handsome actor going shirtless for a good cause in the video above.

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Watch This Is Us Season 1 Episode 1 Online
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As for what you can expect going forward on This Is Us?

"The next three episodes are really, really strong and there’s an emotional response to the characters and the material," creator Dan Fogelman told Entertainment Tonight, adding:

"Hopefully, in its own unique way, that can draw people in a different way to TV, like the way I was drawn to it as a little kid.”

We agree with both Fogelman and Ventimiglia.

If you want something different, uplifting and sentimental, you should check out This Is Us on NBC. It airs Tuesdays at 9/8c.