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Part of Donald Trump’s taxes were leaked to the N.Y. Times over the weekend, anonymously, casting the real estate mogul in an unflattering light.

A glimpse at Trump’s returns from 1995 shows he claimed $916 in losses, and, as a result, may or may not have paid taxes for 18 years.

Who sent the returns? One theory centers on his second ex-wife:

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Maples was the woman with whom the future Republican presidential candidate infamously cheated on his first wife, Ivana, back in 1989.

There’s no love lost between them, to put it mildly.

The New York Times’ anonymous gift was delivered not on a silver platter, but in a manila envelope with a Trump Tower return address.

Why does that implicate Marla?

It doesn’t. But she was married to the Donald in 1995 (from 1993-99 to be exact), so these would have been her tax returns as well as his. 

Then there’s this tidbit:

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As New York Magazine points out, there’s an arrow on the first page of the document, pointing to Marla Maples’ signature on the document.

We know. That proves nothing. However, it has long been speculated that Maples bears some resentment toward the reality TV star.

The two have one child, 22-year-old daughter Tiffany Trump, who has publicly supported him during his run for the presidency this year.

Marla has long resented Don for not playing a big role in her life, however; Tiffany was raised almost entirely by Marla on the West Coast.

Given that the rest of Trump’s adult children are immersed in the family business, and campaign, back in NYC, this theory isn’t far-fetched.

Then there’s this tweet from the weekend:

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Is she cryptically delighting in his misfortune?

While it’s true that no one posts comments like that unless they’re looking for some degree of attention, it’s not enough to implicate her.

Even if it were Marla, don’t expect her to take any credit. Whomever leaked Trump’s taxes may have just committed a federal offense.

We would also be remiss to omit the fact that the three pages of Trump’s 1995 tax return do not show him doing anything illegal, whatsoever.

His declaration of a $916 million loss allows him to take advantage of the tax code to avoid paying taxes on profits, legally, for years.

It’s not clear at all if he did or did not do this.

Of course, whether this dents Trump’s credibility or hurts his self-proclaimed status as a "winner" or mouthpiece of the American worker?

Does it hurt a man leading a "movement" against a "rigged" government to be seen using loopholes for his own personal wealth enhancement?

Moreover, does the fact that Trump lost $916 million in a year hurt his image as a business genius? Or contrarily, does this return bolster that claim?

These are questions voters will have to decide.