Rihanna to Her Ex-Boyfriends: You Da Problem!

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There's no denying that Rihanna has had some very public relationship issues. 

She has been known to recycle boyfriends.

Yes, after a break, she took Chris Brown back, but quickly realized the error of her ways. 

Rihanna Looking Great In New York City

Nowadays, the 28-year-old is totally in love with Drake and seems pretty happy. 

Their relationship was confirmed recently at the MTV VMAs when Drake gave a heartfelt speech to Rihanna as she accepted an award from him. 

It was super cute. 

Drake Honors Rihanna

That's a change for the singer, who has had a string of failed relationships. 

Her most controversial relationship has got to be the one she had with Chris Brown. 

There was just nothing good about the relationship and it was during that time that Brown took it upon himself to rough Rihanna up

There was a whole lot of negative publicity for Brown in the wake of his heinous actions, but he somehow managed to get back in good graces with the public.

Chris Brown in a Cap

The dude has been notorious in the media for crazy actions. 

More recently, he allegedly held Baylee Curran at gunpoint, before refusing to leave his home, while the police surrounded it. 

The ordeal went on for hours and Brown kept fans on Instagram updated with what was going down in a string of videos. 

It was desperate, but it showed that something was not quite right with the way the dude was acting. 

He's also been pretty vocal about his thoughts on Drake and Rihanna being a thing. 

Rihanna Grinds Against Drake

It's a bit rich of him to even comment on the matter, but he has to do something keep his name in the press. 

Rihanna took to Instagram over the weekend to show off a popular meme that basically said she was not the problem in her relationships. 

It could be seen as a dig to Chris Brown because it's pretty obvious he has a lot of problems solely based on the way he acts. 

Here's the meme for you to look at:

Rihanna Meme about Exes

Pretty crazy. Right?!

What do you think about all of this?

Hit the comments below!

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